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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Renaissance Woman: In Motion pt 2

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Saturday - October 6 - the second day
Overnight a small chance of rain turned into a massive storm. 2 tents were destroyed and merchandise was strewn all over the ground. One vendor spent the night on the grounds and managed to chase down signs and jewelry and flying tents. If it wasn't for him the damage would have been a lot worse.
Luckily the 2 vendors that lost their tents kept a very positive attitude and were relocated under concession stand awnings. 
The storm brought in a crazy cold front and the temperature dropped dramatically.  The day before was about 85 degrees and now it was about 50 and the wind was high and chilly. We were all scrambling for coats and capes and blankets as none of us were prepared for such a drastic change in temperature. I bought a cape from a merchant that was very pretty but not heavy enough to protect me from the icy wind. Never choose style over function when you're running a ren faire!
Me, my sister and two nieces... (River's in my tummy)
Bundled up!
My pretty little German fairy in furs
Despite the awful weather, the patrons began to POUR into the faire. There were reporters for newspapers and magazines everywhere! The word of the faire spread overnight and attendance had increased by HUNDREDS from the previous day!
I was in heaven, basking in the amazing feeling that my faire wasn't a flop after all!
We made enough money to pay the bills and were now in the profit zone!
Daniel Greenwolf is the best
Stay tuned for tomorrow's post about the third day of the faire!!


  1. Awesome! I'm so glad the news of your faire has spread and you've had a fantastic turnout, despite the unforgiving weather. Your participants are real troupers for pulling everything back together. Cheers!!

  2. Mother nature is always in charge!
    At least the 2 vendors have a positive attitude about it and you look so regal and lovely!!!


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