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Friday, June 7, 2013

NY: Day Three

This was the day of the wedding of my husband's sister Jess and her groom Doug. It was another firggin' hot day and the wedding was outdoors in a park. Gimme a break folks! By now I'm realizing that it's not the heat that's bothering me. It was all the sweating. I'm a sweaty beast. But I'm not not just any sweater, I'm a face perspirer. That's the worst kind. You know with the upper-lip water beads and the brow streams? Yeah, that's me.
For the wedding I wore a $10 silk-blend dress from Ross, my late grandmothers necklace and a floppy sun hat bought from a street vendor in NY for $5. The blue velvet heels are from Citi Trends. 
 River wore this adorable hand-me-down sailor suit.
Caleb wore his "smug suspenders" and a thrifted dress shirt.
Thank God the wedding ceremony was quick, a little over five minutes long. I love how they just cut to the chase and got married, ya know? No fluff and frills, just marriage.
I just wanted to share this photo with you all. The groom had grooms-ladies. How cute is that?!?!
The bridesmaids wore casual dresses in their choice of green. Love!
 Because the ceremony was so brief, there was no need for the couple to rent chairs. We just stood around and watched. Now that's an awesome way to save money on a wedding!

 The reception was awesome with ridiculously good food, wine and beer and a live jazz band but it got even better when this guy chased down a passing ice cream truck.
 The truck pulled in and began to take orders. I called out to him, "Turn your music back on!" and he did.
What's an ice cream truck without it's dinky dink music-box tunes?!?!
 One of the wedding guests hopped into the truck and began to hand out ice-cream to everyone who wanted some and paid for it all!

During the reception, my husband told me he had a surprise for me. 
He took me on a short trek to see a lighthouse for the very first time! I'm so easy to please.
While we were romancing and prancing at the lighthouse, the rest of the wedding crew jumped into the Hudson - suits, dresses and all.
Later that evening we went back into Tarrytown and had a late night dinner at the Bistro. I had changed into a super cute outfit (red tunic, skinny jeans and boots)  and now I'm kicking myself in the rear for not getting photos! Poo!
So what's up for Day four??
Too much alcohol, a festival and various raw meats. Stay tuned!!


  1. Sounds like a blast of a wedding! I'm lovin' their cost (and boredom : ) savings like the quick reception for no chairs, def an idea the hubs & I will remember when we have a ceremony one of these days (we just got hitched in court) but someday will have a fun one w/ friends and family. So fun about the ice cream truck & the whole party jumping in the lake!

  2. Sounds and looks like it was a very nice wedding. So funny about yhe ice-cream truck. I like the idea of a short service. Ours was short too, with the guests standing.

  3. Aw, a lovely wedding and you look beautiful. Your husband is very romantic to take you to a lighthouse, I think that is just really sweet. River looks so cute in his sailor suit! I like short weddings myself and the idea of casual dresses for the bridesmaids rather than the traditional dress which you can't wear ever again. I was a bridesmaid too many times and only one outfit got work again.

  4. Ha, I love the ice cream truck part!! It looks like it was all a great time, and what a good idea to just have the ceremony short and sweet :)

  5. Gorgeous pics.....both you & the bride look gorgeous. I'm with ya on hating the hot weather. It's SO hard to look good while perspiring. My forehead does it & that just wrecks my hair quick fast, & any makeup glides right off. Oh how I envy those cool calm & collected women! Xx

  6. You look gorgeous, I love that big hat on you, very chic and ladylike! xxx

  7. You look so pretty Hollie and the wedding sounds like fun xxx

  8. Very nice. Glad to see you having fun.

  9. You look lovely!
    How nice to see a happy, fun and simple wedding, were people were able to wear what they like and there were groom-ladies, ice cream, jumping into water and they didn't have to borrow a mortgage to pleased a crazy person's idea of an wedding!

  10. that is a fantastic dress - i love it - ooh and free ice cream too. Perfect. Lovely lighthouse shots too x

  11. This is the way to do a wedding. For real.

    That last pic is AMAZING. The colors, the composition, just beautiful.


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