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Thursday, June 6, 2013

NY: Day Two

Captain's Log: Day Two
New York City, New York, June Two-thousand-thirteen
It's hot. So very hot. Life everywhere. Garbage day today. The sidewalks reek of moldy pizza and rotten banana peels. Black garbage bags everywhere. Parking garage too far away. So hot. Sweaty. Wearing a skirt. Regret. Walking. So much walking. Applied antiperspirant between my legs to prevent sweating. Thighs rubbing together. Chaffing. Burning smell. Blisters. Chaffing. Inner thighs raw. Why they hell is it so hot? Panties soaked with sweat. Boobs too heavy. Bra wet. Tit sweat. Makeup fading. Cuteness gone. Fashion no longer a concern. Must. Find. Air conditioning.
Day two was a day for doing touristy stuff. We woke up early to hit the city before having to return to Tarrytown for the wedding rehearsal and dinner.
We visited the 9/11 Memorial and spied the construction of one of the new World Trade Centers.
The memorial was strange to see. I just couldn't wrap my mind around the fact that this is where the Twin Towers once stood. Now it's just two massive empty pits turned into giant water fountains. This is where over 2,000 people were killed and I stood there- ugh.... makes me nauseated to think about it.

My sis-in-law (Krista) got stopped by a reporter for a Korean news station (?). The reporter asked her several strange and random questions about visiting the Memorial - questions mostly about donating money to the Memorial. The reporter didn't even ask Krista if she wanted to be interviewed, they just stuck a mic and camera in her face and started grilling her. Krista's such a champ. I would have buckled under the pressure and probably started yelling at them to "get that bloody camera outta my face! I'm sweaty and hideous!"
My boys! 
Captain's Log: Day Two
New York City, New York, June Two-thousand-thirteen
Destination: Staten Island Ferry. Must venture to see the illusive green she-giant known to the locals as "The Statue of Liberty". Is this her? She lives! 
LO! I have been deceived. Tis but a decoy in wrap-around sunglasses. I am frightened.
The Staten Island Ferry ride was awesome. The breeze was cold and amazing. I wanted to stay on the dang ferry forever.
Not only did I need to get out of the heat but River as well. From the high temps and being jostled around on the walk he spit up - no vomited about six times in three hours. I'm talking his entire stomach contents - all over me, his daddy, himself the floor of the ferry terminal (twice), the subway... but mostly me.
And there she is. We couldn't get very close to her, something to do with hurricane Sandy?? But my 7.2mpx camera managed to zoom in enough to get this shot.
Sorry for the heavy editing, the photo came out foggy and gray so a bit of hand-made "instagram" inspired editing helped fix it.
She's so small and lonely- out there all by herself. There's just something about her posture that leads me to believe that she's depressed and probably hates her job.
Another place to beat the heat was the subway. I've never been on a subway before. It wasn't near as bad as I thought it was going to be. There was something about being piled up on top of a bunch of fashion forward strangers that was kind of.... sexy?
Before he conked out, River fell in love with a punk on the subway decked out in head to toe spikes and chains with a spider web tattooed on his face. That's my non-discriminatory boy! The weirder the better, son!
Later that day was the wedding rehearsal.
For the rehearsal and dinner I wore my  newWalmart dress and vintage Kuchi necklace. Too bad you can't really see my hair. The fake ponytail pinned up into a bun made a wonderful up-do to hide my still sweat soaked hair from the trek in the city. I also wore a fabric and rhinestone hair clip I found on the ground at my Renaissance faire last year. It was clean- don't judge me.
The day ended with lots of beer, wine and great food at the rehearsal dinner at the groom's parent's house. There was food everywhere: in every corner of the back yard, the kitchen and dining room. I ate myself silly, went back to our steaming hot house and passed out.
What's in store for day 3?  
Chasing down an ice-cream truck at a wedding...
Stay tuned for details!


  1. You sure have a way with words. Your description of the heat made me hot and it's freezing here right now! The rehearsal dinner party sounds like it was fun. You looked really pretty at it.

  2. Great report: very entertaining. By coincidence, I was in Manhattan today too, walking distance from where you were. Funny you've never been on the subway before; I take it all the time. The Staten Island ferry is nice. When I was young, it only cost 25 cents.

  3. I love the dress you wore to the rehearsal it looks so elegant and your hair is great too. I have often heard about the ferry on tv programmes and wondered what it is like, and now I know!! Pity about the vomitting child :-( The Statue of Liberty is such an icon, I think your photo is really unusual especially the background colour, it makes it look surreal.

  4. I know that you suffer but I'm enjoying reading and and seeing all the photos of places that I lived.
    You see I lived in Staten Island for about a year, I worked in The World Financial Center right across The World Trade Center and I do remember the crazy trains ride, the even crazier people and the sweatty undies!
    By the way my favorite photo: you and baby on the subway!

  5. I love the heat but your description does remind me of a particularly sweaty day in Madras years ago! You look stunning in your maxi, you sexy mama! xxx

  6. Now I really, really don't want to go to NY ;) Poor little River, but good to know he isn't prejudiced!

  7. Love the blue dress!

    I've never been to NY, but your description of the "fashion forward strangers"
    on the subway reminded me of taking the subway in Paris---surrounded by impossibly thin and elegant women in ridiculous high heels. I felt like a troll, haha!!

    I do like that Statue of Liberty photo!

    1. Oh, Paris - the New York of France... only more glam! So intimidating.

  8. Everyday is that hot here! Ha! Still sounds like fun :)

  9. aww poor thing the little guy got so sick! But cool you could see it even if far away, we went way too last minute to try. And to answer your question, we were a few weekends back by now, I'm just late on posting so it doesn't seem like we were there at the same time. And it was actually chilly and a bit rainy when we visited, which was wonderful for us to escape the Phx heat. Glad you had such a fun time!

  10. arghh, I'm jealous, it looks like so much fun, very cool photos, you look great too. I must say the answer to thigh rub torture is bloomers!! you must get some.


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