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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

where is my mind? waaay out in the water... see it swimmin'...

 I forgot today was Wednesday... so you know what that means? No Wacky Fashion Wednesday today.
I'm a wee bit ashamed to admit that I haven't really done anything productive today.
Well I dropped off a package at the post office and listed some stuff on Etsy... that's about it. Oh yeah, me and the hubs met up with our pastor today to discuss River's upcoming baptism. If it wasn't for that, I'd probably still be in my favorite ratty basketball shorts and oversized El Chico's Mexican Restaurant tee shirt.... bra-less of course.
The office overhaul is going er, ok I guess. Eh, let's face it. I really didn't get much done. I tried though, I really did.
While I was moving things onto this new shelf here I spilled a ton of sequins on the floor and that was actually pretty awesome. 
I know it doesn't look like much here in the photo but it was everywhere.
I really wanted to leave it there and spread it around the carpet and leave it there until time for the next vacuuming. Who doesn't want sparkly carpet?!?!
So this is as far as I got on the office. Just moving crap up on a shelf... ppsshhh....
Here's someone you guys haven't seen in a while. My littler River! He'll be 5 months old tomorrow. Nice. He's almost old enough to get a job and help out with the bills.

And lastly for this weird post that's going nowhere: here's a new find. 
I got this 1930s farmers ledger online last week for my own personal collection of vintage ephemera and it was in worse shape than I thought it was going to be.
The seller didn't explain that it wasn't all in tact. Poo.
  In good condition, a farmers ledger like this can go for around $8-$9 but this ain't in good condition. 
Hee hee! I said "ain't".
 I think I'll resell it in my Etsy store for super cheap. I'm just not crazy about it anymore. But what I am crazy about are the 12 vintage postcards the buyer sent along with the ledger for free. Some of the postcards are from the early 1900s featuring a boarding house called Floral Home in Moores Mill, NY.
I did quite a bit of research about Floral Home and not much came up. All I found out is that it was a popular boarding house/vacation spot that was turned into a spa named Parkway Health Resort in the 50s(?). I doubt that it's still open but the postcards from this place are rare and are selling for a pretty decent price... so Etsy, here we come!
I haven't researched the other postcards just yet, but I'll be sure to share with you all the boring facts and figures when I do.
Do you research the history behind your antiques before you sell them or give them away... (or heaven forbid) throw them away?


  1. River with that smile he should get a job on television! Yes, he has a tv personality!!
    A sparkle carpet is a good idea but aren't you worry that River may eat them?
    The postcards are very interesting and my granny had many of the Spanish versions of the Farmers Ledgers.

    1. Oooh!! Most of my ephemera is American or Asian. I gotta get my hands on some Spanish goodies!

  2. Too bad you aren't happy with the ledger but neat that the seller threw in those vintage postcards. And thanks for the treat of seeing River. So darn cute.

  3. Get that kid working, you're too soft!
    I love how the British and American antiques markets are so different. That ledger would be confined to the bric-a-brac bin at fairs here and the postcards, unless they are hand embroidered WW1 keepsakes or Victorian actresses tend to be heaped in a box and labelled at £1 each. xxx

  4. I love River's little smile, he's so cute!
    I dropped some of that glittery table confetti in the hall by accident and for days after kept seeing glimpses of it even though I was sure I had picked it all up. I rather liked it but with the bunny in residence I couldn't risk it.

  5. Sequin on the floor? Sounds like my workplace.

    Yes, if I but something with a label on it I try to find info about it. Just because I'm "old" doesn't mine I've heard of everything.

    What a cute baby! He should be racking in the $$$ by now.

  6. I always do research, but sometimes there just isn't anything to be found.
    And sometimes, when I am researching something else, I will find some info on something that I couldn't find info on before.

    I always use the Vintage Fashion Guild Label Resource when I am dealing with vintage clothes:

    P.s. I love "weird posts that go nowhere". More fun!

  7. Happy 5 months to little River! He is the sweetest. Maybe he could crush walnuts under his little feet from a Jolly Jumper for cash.


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