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Friday, June 21, 2013

You know what to do!

The great Google Reader shutdown is July 1st!!
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  1. I refuse to accept reality.
    But I should really do something about this.

  2. Ahh, ok!!!!!
    What does this change is going to mean for us bloggers followers?

  3. What a good reminder for everyone! I've read that Blogger Reading List will still work - I hope so because I haven't changed anything yet. Guess I should add a Feedly button on my blog, too.

    And if you have a chance you should go to Austin. The Capitol building was really interesting, and it's your heritage!

  4. I switched over to Bloglovin two months ago in anticipation of this tragedy. Nothing in life is permanent, is it?

  5. will do. but what does this mean for regular bloggers?

  6. Haha you are so cute! I love this :)


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