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Saturday, June 29, 2013

walk like an Egyptian

"All the old paintings on the tomb 
They do the sand dance, don'cha know? 
If they move too quick (Oh-Way-Oh) 
They're falling down like a domino "
"And the bazaar man by the Nile 
He got the money on a bet 
GOLD crocodiles (Oh-Way-Oh) 
They snap their teeth on a cigarette "
"Foreign types with their hookah pipes sing: 
Walk like an Egyptian."
I was only a five months old when that song was first released in the UK in 1985  but I was a spry two years old when it hit the top of the charts here in the US... yeah, yeah I'm young.
I know you all know that song but did you know what the heck they were saying?
I didn't until now and I've heard it a million times!
Check out the lyrics here. It's um... pretty crazy.
I found this Egyptian souvenir tunic at a flea market a couple of years ago for $5. It still had the tag on it. Fresh! There was another one in red but I talked myself out of getting it because I probably wanted to use that other $5 to buy a hamburger or a corndog or something greasy and delicious like that...
I like food.
Honestly if someone gave me $100 to go shopping or go out to eat I'd ask:
"What place has the best tiramisu?!"
I got this massive spider necklace from Listia is like Ebay but with points instead of money. You sell stuff for points and then buy stuff with points. It's so simple. I love it.
"All the cops in the donut shops say: 
Walk like an Egyptian "


  1. I love everything about this... Make-up, dress, your face, everything.

  2. Hollie, my dear you are young!
    I knew the crazy lyrics because I research them back in 2010 when we saw them played at Sun Life Stadium in Miami!
    I didn't know about, thanks for the introduction.
    The dress print, color and your make up make up for an unique look!

  3. I've got to admit I have always sung along to that song having no idea of the words! It was highly repeated when roller-skating was huge here when I was 11 or 12. Manic Monday is still my fave. You're a gorgeous Egyptian....I love your makeup! And that family guy clip is a crack up! Xx

  4. Oh I do love a good tunic and that one fits the bill. Such a great print. I love how you photographed it in front of the shimmering gold curtain to bring out the gold.

  5. sweet dress. Love that it says "Egypt", just in case you don't know.

    PS: I would have bought both of them

    1. So you'll never forget where you got it from... as if the hieroglyphics aren't enough HAHAHA!!

  6. that is really pretty! and like thorne said, i love that it says "Egypt" too! haha.

  7. Oh, thank you, now I'll be humming that all day!

    What a fun, kitsch dress. Too bad the hamburger won out over buying the red one, too. But maybe you can find something similar that says Mexico (cue James Taylor - "sounds so simple I just got to go" -

  8. I have quite a thing for Egypt and I would have bought both of those tunics. You look amazing, with the makeup and the hair flower. Very exotic. In 1985 I was a teenager and I loved this song.

  9. I've seen those dresses in black but never blue and I frigging love it on you, you hottie! xxx

  10. I love this look! Egyptian blue looks amazing on you, love the make up too. The pattern is wonderful! xxx

  11. Of course Vix has seen this dress before lol! You look awesome in it and blue for that matter!

  12. Wooo, look at you! They had an advert over here which was a variation on that song but it went something like "We are the Pyrameows!" or some such nonsense, so now I have that in my head!


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