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Saturday, July 20, 2013

lights, camera, action, awkward

  I have a theory that everyone in the world will appear on television at least once in their lives. Well, I know that this is impossible but I don't think I'm too far off on the thought.
Have you ever seen a news report on a new study on obesity? They film fat people walking down the street and just crop their heads out of the shot so that the fatty can remain "anonymous"? 
That could have been you... or me...
Have you ever seen the news crew out to film the opening of a bank or grocery store or something like that? Well, if you saw them, they probably saw you too.
See? It's that easy. Whether you know it or not, you've probably already been on television.
You're a star.
 Tuesday I made my first ever TV appearance - and no I wasn't filmed from the neck down eating a Big Mac and drinking a diet coke. I was interviewed about my Renaissance Faire on a local talk show called Heart to Heart on KLFI TV channel 10.
I wasn't nervous about the interview at all. I'm an "oh well" kinda person. I knew that if I screwed up and made myself look like an idiot: "Eh, oh well. What's done is done. Nothing I can do about it now so no use in crying about it."
The interview went well , the questions were nice and easy but there was one thing that I hated about the whole thing: the way I had to sit to be seen by both cameras.
My massive diddies were sitting in my lap.
Don't act like you didn't notice. Go ahead. Stare. It's ok, I understand. They're huge.
BAHAHAHA!! Now you can't stop looking at them! You're trapped!
 I'm not sure when the show airs but I think they'll post it on YouTube or Vimeo when it's time. I'm hoping to use the video as part of my resume so I can get that news anchor job I'm been lusting after for years.
I am one sexy and articulate hussie.
Total news anchor material.
(I don't really wanna be a news anchor but I've been told several times that I'm cut out for it. So if the opportunity arises, I probably wouldn't turn it down.)
 For the interview I wore one of my "tone it down when you go to church" outfits: A top recently purchased at Goodwill and a hand me down maxi skirt... and of course my new giant blinged out arachnid.
Have you ever been on television? Share m'ladies! Share!


  1. You look gorgeous!! Congrats on getting the interview. Love the necklace :)

  2. Wow! You look great! How exciting. I hope it is put online so we can see it.

    Now that you're a star, can I have your autograph? Pleezz?!

  3. They really need to redo their set. Why do they have you sitting so far away? That's stupid. Who are these people?

    But you look gorgeous! I love your hair pulled back all sleek like that. Congratulations on the publicity!

    My husband is in video production, and I worked with him for ten years. We did a program speculatively, with me as a cohost, which actually got aired in three parts in Australia! I should ask our Aussie blogger friends if they ever saw it. We bought a 1965 Cadillac and drove it to small towns and talked to offbeat people. There was a ghost town, a commune, a guy who'd seen Bigfoot. I'd like to get a clip to put on my blog, but it's not that easy because we don't have it in the right format, or the right equipment to rip and clip from a DVD. Maybe we can figure it out one of these days!

    So, yes, I've been on telly Down Under.

    1. I didn't know that about you! How awesome! As yes, they reeeeeeeally need to redo that set. I might as well have been talking to the hostess from another room.

  4. You look so beautiful and so darn calm and collected!
    I like you attitude about things and I'm going to used you motto(Eh, oh well. What's done is done. Nothing I can do about it now so no use in crying about it)when I get overwhelm!
    I have been in TV in Puerto Rico during the live taping of El Show De La Doces; they used to move the camera around the younger people on the audience and my youngest daughter and I were taped eating at her school cafeteria in 1999 when we lived in San Diego. Yes, the taped me stuffing my mouth with school cafeteria lunch!!!!!

    1. Hey at least they weren't using that footage on a report about gluttony and obesity!!

    2. You are so right, that would make me very upset!

  5. nice job! you look well. no tv as of yet, but a radio show interview. that was fun! it was streamed live too. haha to the "oh well" comment!

  6. Wow, way to go! That is really neat and you look gorgeous and so confident. As far as I know I've never been on television.

  7. You look really pretty in purple. I hope you post a link if they put it up. I love hearing the voices of people whose blogs I read. I don't think I've ever been on tv, not even accidentally.

  8. not that I know of. Strange that you had to lean forward and the anchor leans back. Maybe the station should get a chair for the guest to sit in?

    1. The guests sitting in a chair is a darn good idea, but they often times interview groups of people so I guess that's what the couch is all about.

  9. You look fantastic, I love your sleeked back hair and your radiant smile! I wish we could see the programme, I'd love to hear your accent.
    Jon's been on the TV loads, don't think I have, unless you could me being in a crowd of 250,000 at Glastonbury! x

    1. Ps I'd forgotten, I was interviewed by a TV crew at Salvador airport as it was the first ever non-stop flight to Brazil from the UK so yep, I was Brazilian TV! x

  10. Don't you look gorgeous! I've never been on the telly but I was in a music video (for what it was worth) and an extra in a film but you couldn't even see me!

  11. awesome!! I hope this goes onto youtube - your chi chis are fine, they're like mine, they want to take over the world


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