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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Wacky Fashion Wednesday (oops on Thursday)

It's been a couple of weeks since my last WFW post. Since I'm a housewife and my own boss I don't have anywhere to be or anyone to report to so I don't really keep up with the days of the week. I often times miss that it's time to do what I do best: Look stupid and feel good about it.
Today's look is:
"Oh, the Brows"

In the middle of this project I ran out of eyeliner so I grabbed my backup pencil aaaand it wouldn't sharpen because both the pencil and the sharpener are crap. I managed to use the last bit of kohl to scrub these straight-line babies on. 
Honestly, I think that's how it's supposed to be done.
These are my favorites!
Too bad I couldn't get around to re-creating these dotted beauties.
Well now that I think about it, I think perhaps she's bad at doing her brows so she had them tattooed on like this so she can just connect the dots.
So what about no brows?
So what about your brows? Do you fill them in? Draw them on? Shave them off? Tattoo? Pluck? Wax? Share! Share!
Me personally? I use Pic Monkey.


  1. haha! I don't do anything to my brows. i wouldn't mind them to be thinner, but then i have bald bits so i can't pluck more than I do.

    I like amanda palmer's eyebrows (shaved and a design drawn on).

  2. This post is hilarious. I've always been amazed at the eyebrow prowess of the ladies in the photos and seeing you emulate it was the bomb!
    I pluck mine into submission but I don't pencil them in as I think they are naturally dark enough. I think they would gain too much prominence on my face if I darkened it.

  3. Hollie, I was laughing so hard just looking at this photos!
    I don't do anything to mine, back in the late 70's I pluck them very skinny but it was too much work and since mine have a natural curve I really don't worry about it.

  4. Wow, those are some interesting brow looks for sure. I have never plucked or waxed my brows in my life but they've always been very fine, so I have to fill them in, usually with dark brown powder made for purpose. I wish I had bushier ones but then again it's nice to never have to worry about getting them done regularly.

  5. Brows are such an interesting hairy facial feature. I laughed at your connect-the-dots line. I let my brows pretty much do what they want but lately I'm into colouring them. I'd like to go all Hollywood glam though. The brow makes the woman. Is that true? Love your brows, ALL of them.

  6. I think brows can really define a face. For years I did nothing with them at all, then went through a stage of getting them plucked. Tried waxing - hated it. Recently I tried threading and it was more comfortable than waxing but not as exact as plucking. Most salons will not pluck anymore due to some health and safety thing. Being so short-sighted I cannot really pluck my own. Love your take on this!

  7. I am kind of brow crazy. Mine used to be huge then I waxed them a lot and they are too thin for my taste now. Still pluck and thread occasionally to define them.

  8. You are truly terrifying but those chola spots are the worst!
    As a natural and fine-haired blonde I used to look like the baldy model in the penultimate shot until I got mine tattooed on! x

  9. What a crack up! I don't do much with my brows, an occasional pluck. I find brow pencil just slides off my face because of my oily skin. So I'm usually au natural. Xx

  10. I leave mine alone. I'm way too lazy to pluck, and it hurts. I'll get half of one done and give up. The top of my glasses cover them up pretty good. That Chola girl is scarring me.

  11. I got my brows threaded, and that was pretty cool.

  12. I like the monobrow! And your drag queen brows :) I have light, skimpy brows so I just leave 'em alone.

  13. bahahahahahahaha! this made me laugh so much. all those brows are too much. You're hilarious, the straight ones are just too funny and Anne Hathaway without brows looks so terrifying!!! xxx


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