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Friday, July 12, 2013

there's something on your upper lip

Today I have a meeting with the owners of the Arrow Bar in downtown Texarkana about my upcoming beard and moustache competition (fundraiser for the faire). The competition was supposed to be on the 20th of this month at a very large and very popular sports bar in town but when I met with the owner a few weeks ago to CONFIRM THE DATES of the event he acted "all brand new". Meaning: even though we discussed the event thoroughly over the phone in the past, it seemed as if he had NO IDEA what I was talking about when we met in person.
The meeting went something like this:
OWNER: So what's all this about?
ME: I'm sorry?
OWNER: What are we meeting about?
ME: Um... the beard and moustache competition...
OWNER: And what's it for?
ME: The Renaissance Faire... (you've gotta be effin'  kidding me) 
OWNER: Oh, yeah... So what is a beard and moustahe competition?
ME: (explains)
OWNER: And you want to have it here?
ME: Yes... (No we wanna have it at Disneyland. I just wanted to get your opinion first.)
OWNER: And what's this for again?
It's become clear to me that the owner is either just too busy to keep up with things like this or he's just got a terrible memory... or both. I had to re-explain everything to him- all the way down to what a beard and moustache competition is. Plus he wouldn't give me a definite yes or no and was very hesitant about the whole thing so I've decided to move on and find a different venue. 
  Some amazingly generous Etsy sellers have already donated items to use as prizes for the competition including teas, spices, moustache wax, stickers, magnets and some extra goodies just because. (I'll share the items in a post later). So with that being said, I MUST host this event! Word has already spread about the competition... plus, I don't wanna send all that stuff back!
Sorry about the shiny makeup-less face. It's hot in here!
 Shirt and skirt: recent Goodwill snags
Sandals: Pay Half in NY
Necklace: Gift from belly dancer (ex) friend 
 I''m hoping and praying that the owners of this new location have their acts together. If they don't, I just might have to host the event illegally in the Walmart parking lot or in my trailer. Forgetful bar owners??? BAH! "Ain't nobody got time for dat!"


  1. in one ear and out the other? Good call on changing location, the guy sound hinky

  2. WTF!!! I hate it when shit like that happens! It's like, we had a whole conversation mister that you participated in!!! Uggghhh Frustrating. Plus, you'd think he'd be grateful for people hosting events/drumming up business in his bar. No need to pull teeth. Find a venue that's down.

  3. Maybe he needed to grow some more brain cells!
    I hope that you able to find another place on time so you don't have to return the prices and I hope is not the Walmart parking lot!
    Best of luck and is so lovely to see you with baby!!!!

  4. I think its a blessing in disguise that you have changed the venue, this guy sounds like fool. This competition is going to be amazing, I know it is.

  5. What a dip shit that guy is! Glad you changed venues, he doesn't deserve of all that extra biz he will be missing for sure! The contest sounds awesome!

  6. Glad your going with a different venue, sounds like the right thing to do! Love that skirt and your cute baby :)

  7. Crazy barman! Spending a little too much time sampling his wares, maybe. Good luck with the new venue.

    The baby is getting so big - and adorable!

  8. urgh, what a total dick, hope you've found somewhere else now. WOAH the shine! only joking, you aren't shiny at all, love that necklace and the skirt too


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