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Thursday, July 25, 2013

unicorns are for gangstas

Today after lunch with a new friend I decided to take advantage of the rare occasion of having a vehicle and went to Target for a little clearance rack raping.
 I got this great floral print hi-lo dress for about $12. I rarely pay that much for a dress but the dress is very light and it's dang hot here. I don't do fashion trends but the ho-lo is a trend I really dig. I've been looking for an affordable hi-lo forever and this one was the only hi-lo there and it was my size... I'm pretty sure it was meant to be.
Sorry about the one blurred photo. A ghost walked through in front of the camera.
No worries. He doesn't bite.
 I also got this dress for $6. The material is pretty heavy so I'll probably only be able to wear it when the sun has long since gone down. I looooove me some stripes and this will be great for the fall.
In town we have a store called the Dollar Tree. Everything in there is a dollar. No more, no less. It's impossible to go into the Dollar Tree without coming out with bags full of completely random stuff. Since we have no used book stores in town the Dollar Tree is THE spot to get new books for... you guessed it: one dollar. Most of these are new releases and I have no idea why they're only one dollar. Overstock? Typos?
 I got the top four books yesterday and the bottom four I got last month. I've only finished one of the books (A Gentle Axe) and I'm currently reading A Separate Country. As you can see from the covers of the books, I mostly read historical fiction.
I also found these fun and colorful wall hangers at the Dollar Tree along with baby socks, stuff for a fairy costume I'm working on, nail files, nail polish and a bunch of other crap I don't need.
Are you a Dollar Store Whore like me?
We discovered someone hit my car yesterday. I'm not sure exactly when or how and I'm not even mad about it but the offender could have at least scribbled out a little note on the back of an old receipt that said, "Sorry I hit your car. I didn't feel like waiting for you so I left. Here's a note."
Has this ever happened to you?
Me? This is like the fifth time over the past ten years.


  1. You look smashing in the hi-lo dress. Yay for Target red tags. And bugger-oh to the car scrape. That sucks. People rarely if ever leave notes for that kind of thing anymore. Hopefully what comes around goes around. Xx

  2. Cute clothes lady!
    Im surprised you werent pissed about somebody hitting your car. I would've been soo upset!

  3. Love the yellow dress! I'm a fan of the hi-lo hem trend. It's eye-catching and fun. You look great in this -- and what a steal!

  4. I only have one hi low dress and I love it too! I'm digging both your scores! I like the dollar store for crafting stuff, flowers, headbands, bubbles;). Sorry about your car, that sucks! I haven't had that happen but I have had two cars stolen and stripped, that was fun;)

  5. That mullet dress looks fabulous on you! I like the Pound shop for knee high rainbow socks, retro sweets for Jon and false eyelashes.
    Bummer about your poor car. xxx

  6. Cool. Who did that to your car? Maybe the neighbors know; you can ask them. Stuff like that may seem slight, but still have consequences. I mean, that's a nice looking car you got there:) Wouldn't be right to let that infraction pass.

  7. That hi-lo is so pretty, and obviously you had to buy it! In fact, that's probably why you were drawn to Target.

    Too bad about your car. We always find little scratches and dings, but nothing big so far. They're just making parking spaces TOO SMALL! Geesh, it's hard to even get in or out.

    I'm reading a Jess Walter book - Beautiful Ruins. So far it's pretty good.

  8. The car thing had happened to be in two different parking spaces (at the movies and at the mall) and I hope that the jack-a..(he or she) gets the same thing because is terrible to realized that now you have to paint or do minor repairs when all you did was parked your car!
    Target is the best, especially the sale rack and I love Dollar General and The Dollar Store, the ones in here have great beads bracelets and great old style candies.

  9. How rude that they did that to your car and then left!

  10. Nice finds on the Target sale racks. Both dresses look great on you. What a jerk that person was who hit your car! Sheesh ... some people.

  11. Love it when I find a bargain dress - both are awesome, love the stripes!

  12. Love your bargain dresses! I like historical fiction too. I tend not to buy many books though as I do not have space for them. I would be really beeping annoyed if someone did that to my car but I agree with the other comment about car parks being too small.

  13. No one got hurt in the accident, but still your property was damaged. It's irresponsible for the offender to leave the car scratched without telling it to you personally. I hope this won't happen again. If it does, I hope the offender can face you and confess his mistake.


  14. Target's clearance sales are always a fun, though exhausting, experience. It looks like you got some nice outfits and stuff out of it. Good for you! Unfortunately, during those cramped shopping sessions, bumps and scrapes in the parking lot are almost expected. But it wouldn’t have hurt them to leave a note. Shame on them.



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