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Monday, July 8, 2013

let's get physical

A few weeks back I wrote a post called "4 strange reasons why I want to lose weight". Well I didn't have a plan for how I was going to lose the weight... I was just talking about why I want to lose weight. So needless to say after I posted that, no effort was made to get the ball rolling on shedding the pounds. 
Last week, I stepped on the scale at my mothers house and was absolutely horrified by what I saw.
Not only have I gained back all 40 lbs of the "baby weight"... I've gained a total of 90 lbs since I met my husband four years ago!! WHAT?!?!? YES!!
My husband has never complained about my weight gain or even mentioned it but a heads up would have been nice. Something soothing and gentle like... "Er, honey, I love you and you're the most beautiful woman I know... but... you're getting pretty fat."

 Time to get to work... and fast!!
I've never been this big before and it freaks me out. I was in such denial about my weight gain. See, we don't have a scale and I'm finding that's not really such a good thing. I just told myself, "Oh that dress must had shrunk in the wash... along with everything in my closet..."
So that's why you don't see much about fashion on my blog. I've nothing to wear.
 So whatchu gonna do about it?
Last Monday I started a paleo-esqe diet. I cut out grains (pasta and bread), sugar, most dairy, and salt. That's pretty much what my daily diet consisted of... and LOT's of it. So now you see how I got this way? Damn you Pinterest! You an your delicious recipes!! I'll sue you blind for making me fat! Care to engage in a good old fashioned frivolous lawsuit??
So now I'm just waiting for erm... "my aunt" to leave town so I can start bronzing my buns and steeling my abs. This is the second time I've ever gone on a diet and exercise regimen. The first time I became a temporary vegetarian and danced like a wild witch in my bedroom for four hours a day. It worked and I lost 40 lbs in four months. I know this whole diet and exercise thing will work for me again.
Lucky for you, I'm not going to turn this into a health and fitness blog. That crap is boring. But I will give you all updates every now and then on how this is working out for me.
Ninety pounds... :sigh: wish me luck.


  1. A frivolous lawsuit,that would make for a great post!
    Ahh the weight, what a drag! I have to loose about 40 pounds because it was affecting mt health. And that is the reason to do it, you have a beautiful family and you want to be as healthy as possible for yourself and for them.
    I don't think that talking about your diet and exercise will be boring, I think you will make entertaining and witty.
    Be strong and keep your goals in mind...

  2. Nothing you write could ever be boring. We're behind you all the way, babe, good luck! xxx

  3. Wooo! Well done getting started! I'm the same, I keep thinking ... This must've shrunk in the wash since last year.... Love the dancing like a wild witch! That's how I lost weight before. If you start then I'll start too! Xxc

    1. We should participate in an a 24 hour jitterbug dance contest. That's a good quick way to lose about 10 lbs

  4. Good luck, if losing weight was easy, we'd all be skinny.

    Think long term, and keep going.

  5. Love those images - You are a card!

    Yeah, our bodies are spoiled. Push away the carbs, you are good to go!

  6. Go hard! Don't do anything you can't maintain!

  7. Ahaha the photos are so cute! Love it! :)

    Good luck! I know how hard it is! I went down that road last year but if you really want it you can do it! What helped me best was Weight Watchers.
    But it doesn't matter what kind of diet you make, it has to fit your eating habits, so do what feels good! :)

  8. I'm ready for some inspo!!! I've gained all my weight back and have a closet full of clothes that I can't fit!! It's bullshit I tell you!!

  9. Give up sugar - great idea. Dancing for four hours - even better! What a fun way to exercise and lose weight. Good luck, and just think of the bras you'll be able to buy.

    I just scrolled over on my little netbook to see your right sidebar, and I can't believe my eyes! Tiny Tim!?!? OH. MY. GOD! That is toooo funny!

    1. I know! Isn't he glorious in his blue sequined jumpsuit and moon boots?!?!

  10. Bloody oath!!! Dancing is THE most awesome exercise and guaranteed to keep babies very entertained!! Crank it up baby!! xoxoxo

  11. That sounded just like me on my last pregnancy! Argh - I think the hardest part of losing the lbs is just getting started. Kudos on that :-). I totally want to try the dancing thing to help me keep fit now that I am no longer pregnant. Beats Pilates any day!

  12. Hey hun, I changed my blog url back to for now!

    confusion i know!

    It's good that you're trying to get fit. I'm doing the same thing. working out 4 days a week :(

    your baby is getting sooo big! he's adorable!

    miya from


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