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Saturday, May 18, 2013

4 strange reasons why I want to lose weight.

Before I get started, let's take a trip down Hollie's memory lane:
Here, I was dressed as a "personal" secretary for Halloween at work. Tiny waist, cute sassy sass.
Later that day I dressed as Amy Winehouse for Halloween party. This was my first time feeling confident enough to wear skinny jeans in public.
And this is me after giving a belly dance performance for my family on Christmas...
A novice belly dancer showing off for the camera...
flaunting my moves in my parent's living room...
shaking it for all it's worth...
That was six years and 65 pounds ago.
Before those photos were taken, I had just lost 40 pounds through diet and exercise. That was the thinnest I had been since I was about 12 years old.
I bet your're wondering...What the heck happened to you?!?
Marriage, happiness and a baby.
So now you're thinking, "Oh, ok. She wants to lose weight so she can be hot and lean again. I get it!"
Mmm... no. At 200 pounds I think I'm still pretty hot. (Oh what confidence I have!! LOL!!)
So why DO I want to lose weight??
Let's start at the bottom of the list shall we?
#4: Clothes
My closet is a torture chamber, full of cute dresses and outfits that I haven't been able to wear in a very long time. Over time as I gained weight, I usually just give the too-small clothes away but there are some garments I just can't let go!! I want my clothes back and I am totally willing to lose weight to get back into them.
Losing weight is a heck of a lot cheaper than buying a whole new wardrobe.
#3: Boobs
I'm not going to go through the whole spill about my giant knockers again but I have realized since I wrote that post that my massive jugs are probably the result of my weight gain. So maybe if I lose a little weight, I'll be able to buy my bras from an actual retail store and not some specialty online shop that charges $50 for A STUPID PLAIN WHITE BRA!
#2: Belly
So I had a baby four months ago. I gained 40 pounds during pregnancy but most of that came off within the first two months so the baby weight isn't really the the problem...
The problem is this weird jiggly, pouchy thing I've been left with. That's got to go!! I don't really care about the stretchmarks- it runs in my family so I knew what to expect when I got pregnant and had a long to time to come to terms with that fact. What I didn't expect was how saggy and jiggly my belly was going to be after having the baby. I thought, ok, I'll just wait to see how much of this will go back on its own... well I've waited long enough. I'll never have my cute little belly back (and I'm ok with that) but I would like to not have my belly sagging over the waist of my pants and skirts.
My belly looks like a sad old man.
And last but not least:
#1: My rings are stuck!
YES! This is my NUMBER ONE reason for wanting to lose weight!!
I've been wearing the cross ring on my right hand for ten years now and my wedding set for three. I NEVER take them off and now THEY ARE STUCK. They are stuck on my fatty fat fingers!
 I've tried oils, soap and everything you can imaging to try to get them off. I just can't bear the thought of having my rings cut off!! My wedding ring was designed by my husband and hand made by one of the Elders in our church. My husband put A LOT of thought into this ring and I can't have it destroyed!
I'm not going to go into the full details about the significance behind the cross ring because I don't want to make people uncomfortable with my Christian talk- but I will say that I put the ring on ten years ago and um... waited... :ahem:... until... I was married...
It's pretty significant to me.
So there you have it! My four weird reasons for wanting to lose weight. I'm not motivated by what doctors say because according to them, I'm obese and I should never eat McDonald's delicious hot tasty french fries. Society says I shouldn't be above a size 10 because after that you're ugly (a little A&F humor there).
I don't have a goal set for how much weight I want to lose and I don't have a time frame that I want to lose it in and I'm not going to say that I'm dieting- I hate dieting. Instead I'll say I'm going on a mission. A mission to slim my body for the sake of fashion, frugality and a non-jiggly belly.


  1. I had to cut a ring off during one of my pregnancies... No bueno!! The clothes part is the worst for me. I just want to wear my clothes again!
    Becky :)

  2. Good luck on your mission! Belly dancing looks like fun.
    I heard this trick to get rings off if you want yet another suggestion: thread pieces of dental floss between your ring and your finger, I guess as many as it takes?, and your ring SUPPOSEDLY will slide off. Hmm...

  3. Good luck to you! McDonald's french fries don't really taste that good - get that thought out of your head right now.

  4. I have had the same problem with my wedding rings. I finally pried them off a few months ago, as the tightness was becoming painful & the skin underneath was flaky. I used dish liquid, but it took me AGES to work them over my knuckles. I would sometimes feel quite claustrophobic with the rings on. I was a teeny 48kg when we married 19 years ago, & I'm now 25kg heavier then I was then. Mine seems to be due to medications, & because I can't exercise it feels a bit out of my control. But I find I have no will power when it comes to eating. My biggest dislike is my belly, I find I have to dress around it. I wish you all the best, but you are most certainly beautiful whatever size you are. Love Leisa. Xx

  5. Good luck with your mission. I hate diets and exercise too, but you give great reasons for wanting to lose weight. Xx

  6. Fascinating stories. You've led quite a life. I hope you live at whatever weight appeals to you. I think you look great now.

  7. You are a total babe whatever your size and I bet you're brilliant to hang out with, too.
    Good luck with your mission, we're all behind you! xxx

  8. I really liked the honesty of this post, you have shared some really personal things. I think your rings are beautiful and I can imagine why you do not want them cut off, however, I would definitely try and get them off as it might cause some damage. I was just reading about your jewellry and thinking how talented you are. I am totally supporting you on this mission.

  9. I love you spirit and your honesty since the first time that I read your blog and is still the reason why I love coming back to read your words and see your photos.
    I was almost 200 pounds once too and I still felt very sexy and secure of myself!
    But I had to loose some of those pounds because of: the crazy hormones, the hurting knees, the fact that I felt sick and that I was in a bad mood a lot of times (which was also driving me insane since I've been a happy person most of my life) made me take control of my weight.
    So go for it, if you want to you will loose those pounds.

  10. First off, I want to say that you are very beautiful in all of those pictures but you are still JUST as beautiful now. You are gorgeous and you light up my day! <3 With that being said, I applaud you for taking this step. You are a very strong woman, I know you can do it! Are you going to take up belly dancing again? I remember you mentioned tap dancing too, that would be awesome to find a group or class! I am a dance teacher and a long time lover of dance too, it has always been my exercise of choice lol! Good luck on your weight loss journey! <3

  11. And btw, I am now ten months postpartum and still twelve pounds over my goal weight. Its all a process love, remember to never beat yourself up and keep moving forward!

  12. arrrgh, these are all good reason indeed. You look gorgeous with and without the 65lbs...but whatever is going to make you happier, plus you'll get to wear all those dresses again and............... BUY MORE. wooo! xxx

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. I support you wholeheartedly! Marriage and happiness is good for the heart and sometimes bad for the belly! I've been losing weight lately due to eating in my body natural rhythm rather than when I am supposed to eat. Also, I got a bike that allows me to ride and be on my laptop at the same time. :-)


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