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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

the blur

Hey folks! I've been feeling pretty craptastic for the past few days due to yucky female issues but I feel much better today! Hip hop hoorah. Even though I'm feeling better physically, my nerves are a bit frayed from the news of a horrifically massive tornado in Oklahoma that killed 91 people yesterday. The weather here has been awful and since yesterday I've been on edge worrying about my family's safety and the possibility of the same thing happening in our area. So scary.
I've got our emergency bags packed and the church that will serve as shelter is literally within walking distance so that makes me feel a little better about this frightening tornado season.
Anywho, I braved the dark clouds and wind to go run some errands today. While I was out I saw a white swirly cloud in he sky and almost pooped myself.
Enough about tornadoes, let's look at me and all of my massive pillowy glory.
Dress: Ross Dress for Less (used to be my go-to maternity dress)
Shrug: Rainbows (a cheap retail shop for urban teen girls)
Converse: recently thrifted from Salvation Army or $8.99
Yesterday I posted on Facebook that I was looking for a Mei Tai baby carrier for our trip to New York next week. My husband's cousin messaged me and told me she'd get one for me from I was like, AAAAWWWEESSSOMMEEE. It was here before I woke up this morning. I don't even know how that's possible!! 
I'm still trying to figure out how it hoist him higher in the sling so I don't smother him in my booby traps.
Here's a bit of my .99 cent eBay jewelry that recently came in. I got the unicorn from Salvation Army a couple of weeks ago. It's was friggin $3!! A total rip for a used brooch but I need it. The unicorn is the official mascot of my Ren faire and our current badges look kind of cheap - it's a weird looking knight in armor on a white horse. You have to get real close to it and squint at it to tell what it is. This brooch will go better with my gown. 
(Like most Renaissance Faires, me and my crew wear pinbacks/badges so people can tell us apart from costumed faire-goers)
My Etsy shop has been doing very good lately. Sales are up and I'm stoked but that means more jewelry to make and I'm struggling to find the time. The only time I can go to my office to work is when River is napping, but I also need that time to clean or cook or wash my arse- so as soon as he closes his eyes for his afternoon nap, I am a blur of madness racing around the house.
.... a blur of madness... I think that will be the name of my next band.
This post is going all over the place isn't it? That's fine, we all have ADD so hopefully you haven't gotten bored yet. I want some chocolate cake.
Here's something fun for ya! I'm buying this gown on Etsy or this year's faire. It's not the most glamourous thing ever (mmm actually it's not glamorous at all), but it's super affordable and it's my size (bosom and all!). Because of the low price I don't mind buying it to to customize. While I was stuck in bed bleeding to death yesterday, I spent hours on PicMonkey playing around with how I want to to customize the gown. I'm pretty sure it's not going to come out emerald green like that when I dye it, but I do plan to dye it and add tons of lace and pearls. I want it to be queenly and blinged out and gaudy- like, on the verge of tacky. I don't know why but that's how I want it.
Well sisters, I just got a call about another severe storm blowing in. I'm going to drink a little wine and try to calm myself down.
"You said a storm is a-brewin'?? Oh noes!"


  1. First of all, River is looking so handsome and you are looking cute-- great little shrug and I love the Chucks. Stay safe-- those storms are scary as shit!! Glad your store is doing well. I know what you mean about a blur of madness. I am a WORK from home mom, so I am always squeezing all my work for my store in around trying to manage/raise/care for 2 kiddies. It's hard!! That's kind of amazing that the sling got there so fast.
    Becky :)

  2. Did you get your cake? Your boy is looking like such a little man - what a doll!

    Those storms look pretty scary. We're going to Texas next month, and I will piss my pants if there are tornadoes!

  3. Sorry you've not been feeling well. I was thinking about you today when watching the news about those storms, and hoping you weren't effected. I'm glad you aren't and hope beyond hopes that it stays that way.

    I like that cute dress on you. But what I like even more is that cute baby on you! The new sling looks excellent.

  4. Those tornados are freaky scary I hope you guys stay safe! I think your new sling is cool look at how adorable he looks!!!! Make sure if you are bleeding a lot you take iron it will make you feel better.

    I love that you run a Renn Faire I think that's pretty darn cool. I want you to have an over the top queenly dress too!

  5. Hang tight - I'm glad you have shelter within walking (or running) distance, which you and your darling will be able to get to much quicker with your new runners and that wonderful sling. I'm hoping you won't need to find out...
    You Fair dress is incredible, what a find. I look forward to seeing how the redo goes. Love your breezy light Ross dress too.

  6. Stay safe! Hope you feel a lot better now. Did you get the chocolate cake and did it sort you out?
    That dress is beautiful and will look a damn sight more glam once you are in it. xxx

  7. I'm thousands of miles away from any tornado but I still worry that something like that could happen. They are something I both fear and find extremely interesting all at the same time. That ren faire sounds like the coolest thing ever. Xx

  8. Nature can be very scary at times. I hope that all of your family members are ok and I'm glad to hear that just in case you are ready to go.
    So cool that you family comes around and help to get you and baby River ready for your NYC trip.
    Yes, we all have a bit of ADD and some other autistic tendencies somewhere there too!


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