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Thursday, May 23, 2013

the only living girl in New York pt 1

I spent all day today trying to plan the perfect outfits for my trip to New York coming up in five days. With the weight gain, massive breastees and sagging post-natal belly, my clothing options are a little thin these days - but I think I managed to scrounge up some decent outfits. 
Since it's New York, I really wanted to exercise some fashion creativity, you know, really push it and get a little weird  (like bunny ears and fairy wings kind of weird) but I'll be with my in-laws and they don't know I'm a freak, so I can't really go "all out" the way I want to. Ugh, that frustrates me so much! I'll be going to New York, freak capitol of the United States!! I wanna get weird!! :sigh:... moving on...
Thursday - Roaming about doing touristy stuff
I don't know what the heck got on this dress while I was taking these photos but it's sticky, goopy and oily and looks a bit like syrup or melted bubble gum. It got on my legging too so this outfit might be out if I can't remove the stain. I plan to cut off a few inches to make the dress shorter. Shorter looks better on me I think.
Dress: rummage sale / Leggings: Etsy / Boots: local beauty supply store / Hat: Dollar Tree
Friday - rehearsal dinner
This was my outfit for the wedding, but seeing it in photos I think it'll work better for the rehearsal dinner. I think the dress is a little too plain and casual for the wedding. I plan to pile on necklaces and bracelets for this outfit. I think that'll help make it look less boring.
Dress: Walmart / Shoes: Hand-me-downs / Necklace: Garage sale
Saturday - Wedding
You can't tell in the photos but the cardigan is covered in sequins and the dress is silky with a nice sheen. I think it'll work great for a garden wedding. I'm on the hunt for a massive honking fascinator to wear with this outfit. 
Cardi: Goodwill / Dress: Ross Dress for Less / Shoes: Citi Trends / Necklace: late Grandmother's
Sunday & Monday - more touristy stuff and shopping
We'll be doing a lot of walking around and I'll be toting a baby and tons of shopping bags so I've gotta focus on comfort here
Sweater: Old Navy / Shirt: Goodwill / Skirt: Target / Chucks: Salvation Army
Another comfort focused outfit. Last time I wore this top it was a dress down to my knees. I don't know what the heck happened.
Top: Goodwill / Jeggings: Walmart
 I'm still trying to put together an outfit for the bachelorette party and a "night on the town with the husband" outfit. I'll post that in part twooooooooooo.
I'm definitely going to wear more jewelry and (ahem) makeup when I go. Shut up. And I'm pretty sure I'm going to go deliciously ghetto for the week and wear my fake ponytail. I love it!! You can do so much with it! I think everyone should have one.
So any suggestions on how to make these outfits more unique? More... New York?


  1. Is that a new header? If not, excuse my brain slip; if so, I love it. Your outfits are very New York and your idea to pile on the jewels will wrap it all up. I vote yes to everyone having a fake ponytail.

    1. Yup! That's a new header! I think you're the first to notice!

  2. That header is too cool!
    You've packed some fab outfits there, that blue maxi looks hot! Pile on the bling, the make-up and the fake hair and knock 'em dead! xxx

  3. I live in New York and, here, it's impossible to shock us. You can walk around in Times Square in your underwear (as the Naked Cowboy and Naked Cowgirl do) and nobody bats an eye.

    What we value is creativity. Make outfits your own. I find that accessories can turn something ordinary into something special. Want to borrow my pink fuzzy leg-warmers??

    1. maybe I'll come get them from you when we get there ;)

  4. hells to the yes for that mexican sun dress.. love it

  5. Love the purple embroidered tunic!!!! YES to the ponytail and accessorizing the shit out of things! Chucks are perfect for being on the go and being comfy & cute!
    Becky :)

  6. I lived in NYC from 1990-1996, in the high of the power suits and the minimalistic trends.
    Pile up the jewelry and wear comfortable shoes and put some pins on your cardigans but above all be yourself, have lots of fun, take lots of pictures and be careful with some of the cart foods.

  7. I noticed the new header, but forgot to comment. I still miss the one with that picture of you and hubby playing spin the bottle!

    Your outfits look great! I think you should wear the hat with those last two outfits, also. Bring a fun scarf and sunglasses, and you'll be divine!

  8. I used to have a fake ponytail for dance lol! We bought it when I was a kid so I didn't have to curl my hair during the ten second costume changes lol. I don't even know where it is now lol, but this reminded me of it. Thanks for the memory and the laugh lol! :)

    I love all your outfits and I agree with you that the shorter dress with the cardigan looks better for a garden wedding. I try to stay short with garden weddings. :) Have fun in New York! I have always wanted to go there!

  9. And I think you need a pretty hat for the wedding! All wedddings MUST have hats and gloves lol. That's how you can JAZZ it up.

  10. You picked some really cute outfits! I espcially love the first three dresses - especially especially the very first one! So summery and cute! I love these folkish floral embroideries!

  11. I totally dig your new header!

    These are some cute outfits! I'm about to do the same thing.. we're going to Atlanta in a few weeks and my clothing options are slim. Blah. Thanks for the inspo!!


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