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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

it's our anniversary so that means no WFW

Sorry party people, no Wacky Fashion Wednesday today. Today is me and husband's third wedding anniversary and I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you a few of our wedding pics. You'll probably notice that I was sixty pounds lighter at the time but hey, it's all good. I'm not fat- I'm well fed and happy!

A couple of guys from our church made us home brewed beer for our reception. What swell chaps!
We had a small private church wedding followed by a giant "everyone's-invited" outdoors dance party reception.

There was beer and drumming and Irish songs at the reception.

Later in the night after all the old folks had gone home, I busted out my zils and gave a little belly dance.
Sad fact: I stopped belly dancing shortly after we got married. That's when I packed on the pounds. I stopped dancing because our apartment was a converted 1930s mansion and the floors were very sensitive so when I practiced, everything would fall off the walls and shelves!! Plus my husband would sit and watch me and critique me during my practices and try to coach me and that reeeeeally irritated me.
So it's been three years. We rarely argue, we fart and burp and laugh about it, we watch documentaries about art and dance and murderers and giant squids. I take care of the house and he brings home the bacon. He buys me delicious imported beers and I cook him bangers and mash. He lets me paint his face and dress him up in silly little costumes and never complains when I ask him to buy baby formula at midnight.
I am happy.
To get more details and see more photos of my wedding please visit my other blog Broke Creative Bride and also my feature on Offbeat Bride.


  1. Happy anniversary! Beautiful photos. You are movie-star gorgeous in that dress.

  2. Happy Anniversary....thanks for sharing some wedding pics. Looks like it was a wonderful day. The marriage weight gain seems to happen to a lot of us. Just as well my hubby doesn't seem to mind either! Xx

  3. Happy Anniversary, you gorgeous pair! x

  4. Happy anniversary. What a lovely day it was.

  5. Happy anniversary to you guys! Great photos of what looked to be a lot of fun. I am happy that you are happy.

  6. Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happyyy Anniversaryyyy!!!!!!... To Both of You.

    You look radiant and I'm happy that you are happy and that you complement and understand each other.

  7. Happy Anniversary! Our one year anniversary is coming up in July. your husband sounds much like mine. We rarely argue either and he is very easy going, willing to go to the store for me when I need anything. Good guys, both of them.


  8. Happy Anniversary - your wedding photos are just lovely. You are a very beautiful couple. Wishing you many more years of wedded happiness xx

  9. Happy anniversary! What beautiful wedding photos, you both look gorgeous xxx

  10. Happy Anniversary! Wishing you many many more! so sweet. the pictures are wonderful!

  11. I love your dress!
    And the watching, critiquing and trying to coach thing? Jason does that with me and it drives me slightly crazy! As in "dude, you can't do it, so stop trying to tell me how to!" lol
    Happy anniversary!

  12. great photos, looks like a relaxed day, that's my kinda wedding x

  13. Happy we still love each versary :). Seriously you both are looking gorgeous! Your wedding looks like it was a blast!


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