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Monday, May 27, 2013

the only living girl in New York pt 2

Tomorrow we ride.
I'm going to New York to see my gorgeous sister-in-law get hitched.
Ahead of me lies twenty hours of being crammed in a Suburban with my four month old baby my three year old nephew, my husband and his sister and enough luggage to sink a small ship...  fun, fun, fun...
I've been packing and cleaning aaaaalll day today and I am exhausted. The last time me and Caleb went on an extended trip, I forgot to empty the trash and clean out the crock pot before we left. We came home to a maggoty pork loin and a smell that was out of this world- so I've been seriously hustling to make sure that everything is spotless before we leave.
The dress that didn't make the cut. Too tight in the boobs.
On the trip I plan to keep myself occupied with my favorite computer game (Age of Empires: The Conquerors), a 19th century murder mystery and some music. That's the plan but I can't help but think that I'l be spending most of my time trying to keep River from going insane. Poor thing, strapped into that darn car seat for twenty hours!
So in my last post I asked how I can make my New York attire more appealing and the suggestions I got was more accessories. Well, here we go! I'm really not into piling on jewelry anymore, but for the sake of exercising some fashion creativity whilst on this trip, I've decided to give it a shot again.
These are 3 in 1 flowers. The can be a brooch, a ponytail holder or a hair clip. They only cost $1 so I'm thinking about getting one or two or six more before we leave. 
 This brooch is one of my recent garage sale finds. It was jumbled up in a bag full of crappy and broken jewelry. Good find! It'll go great with my outfit for the wedding.
We will be staying in an empty rent-house so I'm not just packing clothes and toothpaste here... I'm packing life.
This isn't even half of all the stuff we're taking!
I'm not sure if I will be able to do any blogging while I'm away so just in case: I will miss you all very much!!
Yesterday I completed my journey to become a true hipster. Heh, which means, I think I'm done stretching my ears... for now...
Laters! See you in New York!
... and I hope to see lots of THIS in New York!


  1. Have a fantastic trip, gorgeous! xxx

  2. I love the frock that didn't make the cut!!!
    Have an AWESOME time!!!

  3. Hopefully River will sleep most of the trip and make it easy on ya. I just ADORE the bug brooch and the flowers! Great accesory finds! Have a great trip and stay safe! I can't wait to hear about how awesome your trip will be! :) Don't forget to take lots of photos!

  4. Woohooo, you're already on the road as I type, so I hope all is well so far. I'm sure you're in for a good time on this epic adventure!

  5. NYC all the way!
    The good thing about cleaning now is that you only have to unpack when you come back.
    How lucky are you to be staying at an empty house and not a hotel.
    Well, have lots of fun and takes lots of photos,

  6. Woow the white dress looks great on you, so romantic! :)

    Have funnnnn in NY!

  7. I have really enjoyed catching up on your NYC trip - I remember travelling with my daughter when she was about the same age and we had to take so much stuff!


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