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Monday, May 6, 2013

the great crossover

Yes. I finally did it. I cross dressed. It's something I've always wanted to do and boy am I glad I did it because I found out that I make a rather handsome man. 
 I think if I ever were to rob a bank, this would totally be my disguise. What bank teller wouldn't want to hand over a wad of cash to this dashing young chap??
 I wanted to do a full outfit, but my husbands pants are waaaaaay to small for me.
 Sorry about my weird holey ears. My gauged earrings kind of took away from my masculine look so I took them out. This will probably be the last time you ever see my ears without something in them... I think my lobes look like little anuses with out earrings.
Well now that I've got all the gender bending out of my system, I can't see myself making it a regular thing. Even though the urge to dress as a man was terribly strong, it just didn't feel natural to sport a stache and bow tie. I was especially a little weirded out seeing my dad's face staring back at my in the mirror when I finished my makeup.
That's my mom and dad in the 70s. I'm a good mixture of the two but today, I'm aaall daddy.
Here are some photos of very lovely ladies crossing over:
Julie Andrews in Victor Victoria. Never seen it? Well what are you waiting for?!?!
Scarlett Johansson
A young Frida Kahlo
That's Michelle Pfieffer. Hello! Very deliciously Clark Gable!
Josephine Baker, keeping it funny and feminine.
Sigourney Weaver!
Are you inspired to cross now? I dare you to give it a shot. I'm waiting... :hint, hint: I'm challenging you all to dress like men and blog about it.
Check out more feminine crossies on my Pinterest board "The Crossover"


  1. i'm over here dying over the Michelle Pfieffer! she looks amazing! they could be twins! (although she needs larger ears!) i love you girlie, always cracking me up! i'm glad you finally got your ears going, i hope any advice i gave helped. i have been wanting to redo mine, but i have turned into a wimp. ps that picture of your parents is far out man!

  2. You are very handsome man. I always like a great tie, man's jacket, and fedora. You go all out here with the brows and moustache, so maybe I'll give it a go sometime.

  3. You make a very hot man! x

  4. This is so great. I've never cross dressed however have looked like a man in some pictures of myself, even when dressed as I normally do. Geddy Lee, bass player and singer in Rush, to be exact.

  5. Hot stuff! I love all the cross dressing ladies you showcased, too! Your parents are gorgeous-- no wonder you're a hottie! I love it! I'll try to give it go when I have time... Added to the lists of future fun blog post I should do!
    Becky :)

  6. I did that once for Halloween, but since I was single and was always looking, it felt very weird flirting while dressed like a man. I did look pretty handsome, though. Like my brother, but less pretty than he is!

  7. You look hot. I love Victor Victoria. How could you not love a cross dressing musical?

  8. You look like a cool cat from the jazzy era!
    Sigourney Weaver, Frida and Josephine are my favorite cross dresser out of the bunch.

  9. You look fabulous!
    I did an androgynous look once, but without the 'facial hair' I shall try and dig out the pictures and post them :)

  10. You look great, Hollie, such a handsome man! I love the cross dressing suited and booted look, feels so empowering doesn't it!

  11. I've been tempted to do a bit of cross dressing for a while, not sure I could match up to your manliness, you look great! Love the celeb ones, I hadn't see Michelle and Sigourney, they look hot!


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