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Thursday, May 2, 2013

delicious mysteries

MICHAEL: That book went missing a year ago. I thought I lost it in a taxi in New York but I should have known you’d be wicked enough to steal it from me.
That book was my life! My great-grandfather wrote that book! (Sobbing suddenly/ going limp)
I was on the verge of becoming complete! 
(Lets go of Lynn and falls to the ground weeping/comically and over dramatic)
My great-grandfather’s wisdom was right there… in my hands. He was such a wise man and a wonderful magician! I was going to be whole… independent just like him… why would you do this to me? (sobbing) You stole my book… You're so mean! (Throws a shoe at Lynn)

LYNN: (Unmoved by the shoe tossing) Michael… (Crouching down to his level) With or without your precious book you will never be complete. Look at you- you’re pathetic. You’re selfish, cowardly and useless. It would take a whole lot more than a f****ng book to save you.
(Studying him for a long period as he snivels on the floor) I don’t have your book…

MICHAEL: (Sniffling, wiping his nose) You don’t?
LYNN: No. (Standing up/ towering over him) But I know who does.

I write scripts just for fun. I've been doing since I was 14.  I've started about 50 different screen plays but I've only completely finished 3 full lengths and abut a dozen shorts. I'm not really interested in trying to sell them or anything like that. I keep them to myself for my own personal entertainment- but I'll share them if I know of someone who might appreciate them.
Anywho, that little piece was from a script I started about four years ago called "The Declaration of Independence". Briefly, it's about three hipsters on a cruise ship trying to work through the steps from a book that teaches you how to become "complete".  It's like Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas meets Fight Club. It's funny, gritty and full of absurd philosophical bull crappery. Definitely my favorite.
Ok, I know what you're thinking, " when is she going to explain this outfit and weird makeup??"
Heh, I'm not. Good night.
This is the worst photo ever! HAHAHAHA!!!!


  1. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas meets Fight Club - I'm hooked already!
    Love your make-up, you sexy girl. x

  2. Fierce look! wish you lived here and we could maybe put together a drama event at my booth and showcase your screenplay. Wouldn't that be just too amazing????
    Becky :)

  3. Your posts are awesome and I imagine your scripts are too. I can see from your photos that there are lots of characters within you - this one with the blue lips and the painted brow is clearly a warrior queen.

  4. Fear and Loathing meets Fight Club??? All in one play about hipsters??? Have I died and gone to hipster heaven??? Sounds wonderfully amazing! I would love to read it (and would give you ooodles of compliments on its super coolness) if you are willing to share the whole thing? :D

    And I totally beg to differ about the last photo, its my personal favorite! I am just DYING over River's expression? Priceless.

    I love that look too. And don't need an explanation for it. You are so cool, you must sweat awesome-ness lol. <3

  5. When I was reading the start, I was thinking, what movie is this from? If you made it into a film, I would watch it. Your hair looks awesome like that. I think that last photo is great. Both your expressions are priceless.

  6. I LOVE the last photo of you and River; I love the expression on River's face!

  7. Thanks for the laugh, my friend. (laughing with you not at you, that is). So neat that you write screen plays.

  8. I really thought I was reading a passage from your favorite book or movie; even better that I was reading something that was creative from you to you!
    I love the necklace and the makeup, the outfit colors and of course baby River's expression!

  9. this is an amazing and magical look for you - love the blue lips. Keep up with the writing xxx

  10. I thought the screenplay snippet was from a really famous movie and I was feeling rather idiotic for not knowing it. Send them out. Why not? No big deal. Flying into the universe and such... There are lots of competitions too. I entered a local one once with absolute dreck. Nothing happened, but what the heck?
    I love your makeup here and your "worst" photo ever. LOL.


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