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Friday, May 3, 2013

kisses for the misses

You know how I'm always griping about my troubles with thrift shopping? Well, I actually had a pretty good run at Goodwill the other day. I've just come to accept that yes, they've raised their prices, but it's not going to kill be to buy a used dress for $5 or a pair of shoes for $3.50. Man, I'm cheap. When I go to a retail store and I see an awesome dress on clearance for $20 marked down from $80 I'll say to myself... "mmm, I bet I could go somewhere else and get 3 dresses or 5 shirts or 2 pair of shoes or 6 purses for $20."  So I'll go to a an even cheaper store with an even better sale and I usually don't find the 3 dresses or 5 shirts or 2 pair of shoes or 6 purses for $20... and I'll come home empty handed every time.
Ok, these are self-taken photos. How the heck did I manage to reset the camera and then run back and get into the same stance in the exact same spot?!?!?
Dress: Goodwill
Vintage rain jacket: garage sale
Leggings: Walmart
Boots: hand-me-downs
Speaking of being cheap, I've been going .99 jewelry crazy on eBay lately. I can't even keep up with how much jewelry I've bought over the past couple of weeks or so. People tend to shy away from cheap jewelry like this because it'll fall apart after just a couple of wears, but now that I make jewelry I feel totally comfortable buying cheap jewelry because I can just fix it myself if it breaks or reuse it to make something else!
I found these adorable shoes at my Goodwill run. How do you like my rush-job airbrushed legs??
The red leather wrist band is another one of my .99 eBay purchases.
...another .99 eBay score. Every since I bought a pair of 50s chiffon gloves from Bella's Etsy shop a couple of weeks ago, I've been going glove crazy. I have another pair of white lace gloves with ruffled wrist cuffs on the way.
Dig this all-Pinterest dinner I whipped up last week.
Just click to get to the recipes.
If it wasn't for Pinterest, we'd probably have tilapia and broccoli every night because I'm an impatient and lazy cook. Thank you Pinterest.
Wanna know something crazy about me? This is as far that I can stick out my tongue.  Hee hee! I'm tongue tied, meaning that little bit under my tongue that attaches it to the bottom of my mouth is almost at the very end of my tongue. I do indeed have a very light lisp because of it- but it's nothing major. No one seems to notice and I couldn't care less about it, so it's all good!
Do you have any fun "deformities"?


  1. Those yellow shoes are just so cute! I love your posts because you cover such a range of topics - like you I am noticing how thrift store prices are on the rise and I also think to myself I can get something cheaper elsewhere. Black bean fritters with cilantro sauce sounds yummy. I am going to google tilapia as I have no idea what it is. As for deformities - not sure I have any really, I do have a birth mark in my hairline at the back of my neck.... nah that is nowhere near as fascinating as a tied tongue!!

  2. yummy fooooood! Come cook for me! Nice job thrifting. I have terrible terrible Ebay luck!! So, I kind of hate it even though I continually try and try...
    Becky :)

  3. Cute shoes. And I share your frugality. I look at $1,800 dresses and wonder what woman would buy that. I don't spend that much on clothes in an entire year!

  4. Ha, I'm always laughing about myself being a "tight bitch", aka, cheapskate!!!
    It's awesome I am not the only one.......
    I'm ALL over those yellow shoes and your amzing meal!!! MMMMMMMMMM!

  5. I'm another tight bitch, I'm like an old lady if I go into a proper shop, swearing at the price tags and pointing out faults in the making of anything.
    Those shoes are cute with the striped socks and I want some of those black bean fritters right now. x

  6. Cheap is the way to be! When you have your own style you can make anything cheap look good!
    Great yellow shoes and I'm all about the gloves and the good looking dinner. I enjoy cooking but now that both of my girls are older, most of the time they cook for themselves so I have many nights of making myself a salad and the dishes (HEAHHHH!!).

  7. I'm coming over for dinner. K? Then we can group our broken jewellery bits in a big pile and make awesome Franken-jewellery. I think we may need ice cream and pie. xoxoxoxo

  8. Love you in mad socks and cute shoes! It's a great feeling when you find loads of second hand stuff. xx

  9. Thank you so much for your kind words on my last post, I really appreciated your comment :) I'm feeling much better now and I won't let it all get me down.

    About your photos I have to say that you have such a cute smile, I love how you always radiate happiness in your posts! :)

  10. Oooh what fun shoes! Fun deformities? My ring finger on my right hand, the end curves noticeably upward since I sat on the bottom of a slide when little and someone came whooshing down and hit my finger, pushing it out of line :)


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