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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Yeero Yeero baby!

Wednesday me and the husband went to Shreveport, LA to celebrate our three year wedding anniversary. We went to a quaint little Greek restaurant - I know it looks like "whatev" on the outside but on the inside it's very elegant and only has twelve tables so it's very intimate... and delicious like woah.
The original plan was to go to this restaurant, Anthony's. Caleb used to dine at this restaurant quite frequently a few years ago and remembered it for it's elegance and class. But when we pulled up and I saw the Budweiser neon sign in the window- I knew something was wrong. They had a small crappy salad bar, wait staff in tee shirts and jeans and they were blaring crappy R&B music from the speakers like a darn bloody night club.
We left as soon as our butts hit the chairs.

The table at Yeero Yeero

And this my dear friends, is the best darn dessert I've ever had. It's a warm flaky pastry custard thingy... I don't know what it's called but- oh my gosh- I'm salivating just thinking about it. I should have ordered one or two or seven to go.
I had a super cute outfit picked out for the night but at the last minute I realized how crappy it was. I was wearing a golden yellow top tucked in and belted with a wide brown woven belt. I looked ridiculous with my massive melons hanging over my belt without a trace of waist to be found, so I had to grab something else to wear super quick. The outfit tuned out pretty blah blah bland but it was comfortable.
The skirt is the bottom of an 80s dress cut off, the tank was on sale at Walmart for $2 and the jacket was a hand-me-down. I've had the shoes for like ten years, the bag is from Salvation Army and jewelry from eBay.
Later we went to the Board Walk but everything was closing down as soon as we got there so we walked around a bit until I started to develop a wonderfully humongous blister on the bottom of my foot.
The end.


  1. The dessert looks so yummy!
    I really like both of yours driving photos and your outfit one as well. The shoes are great for being 10 years old and I'm sorry to hear about your blister!

  2. Great slice-of-life anniversary dinner. So long as there are slices of cakes, and meats, and cheeses involved too, it's all good. The dessert definitely counts. You look rich in your last-minute outfit.

  3. What a smashing night out! You scrub up rather fabulously! x

  4. Happy Anniversary!! so much fun going to Shreveport.. always crazy. Going to have to try this restaurant next time Im there! Have a great weekend.

  5. Looking lovely on your celebratory meal out! That pastry dessert looks delicious!

  6. That Yeero place looks fantastic and I want that dessert!!
    Becky :)

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Sounds like it was a delicious date! You look so cute and happy.

  9. Such a shame that your original plan went sour. We call modern R&B Rubbish & Bad, hehe. So glad all turned out well in the end xxx


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