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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Etsy pimpin'

I've had this blog for almost a year now and I don't think I've ever shared with you what's in my Etsy shop. I launched my Etsy shop in 2008 (under the name Dang Special's Vintage) with the intentions of thinning out my extensive vintage dress collection. Years ago whenever I would go thrift shopping I would compulsively buy vintage gowns whether they fit or not. I lived with my parents at the time and I was running out of closet space as I was staying in the guest bedroom so I decided to let some go. Last year I began experimenting with jewelry making- I decided to sell some of my creations and relaunched the store as Modern Colors Vintage and Jewelry. So here's a wee bit of what's listed at the moment:
Named after my mother (Linda) this simple necklace is made from a broken bracelet and necklace. That's my mom and grandmother in the photo in the background ca. early 70s.
 This is a super rare book of poems by James Russell Lowell from the 1800s. I found this rare gem in my husbands enormous antique book collection.
Another upcycled necklace made from a broken necklace, bracelet and earring.
Sketch Book by Washington Irving. (1887). Includes Rip Van Winkle and The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. This is for sure one of the most valuable items in the shop. Another find from my husband's book collection
Vintage Polish milk pans (each sold separately)
I'm having to say goodbye to my favorite vintage blue slip- it's waaaay to small for me now and I never even had a chance to wear it. Sad face.
And I'll end with one of my faves. An original print of the 1961 piano music of the opening song from Breakfast at Tiffany's. Believe it or not, this is from my husband's collection.


  1. What a clever chick you are, your upcycled jewellery is stunning and so'd that photo of your Mum! xxx

  2. Amazing pieces from your shop... The books!!! The milk pans, the slip, your jewelry! I compulsively buy things that don't fit, too!! I always thought it was so effed up. I can't help myself.
    Becky :)

  3. You husband most have an immense book collection!
    The books cover colors are so inspiring and I love the upcycled necklaces made from the broken pieces of jewelries.

  4. Fantastic stuff, love it all. Especially the books!


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