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Sunday, July 14, 2013

the caveman barks at night

This week has been filled with nothing but faire work. Promoting, planning, organizing, freaking out... from the moment I wake up all the way until time to go to bed. Fair, faire, faire. 
Today, I knew I was reaching my snapping point when I almost threw my computer across the room because I couldn't get the words to line up just right on a flyer I was designing for a beard and moustache competition I'm hosting next month. I need to chill out.
Sushi time.
 So me and the Husband and little one went to Osaka's for a bit of sushi and sake. I rarely get to leave the house these days since we're down to one vehicle at the moment so getting out was soooo nice.
For sushi-time I wore a sheer hand-me-down dress over a tribal print tank dress. I loved how the print of the tank can be seen through the floral pattern of the dress. I've had this dress forever and it was one of my go-to maternity dresses, but I've never thought of wearing it over something with print until now. Plus this is the first time I've ever worn the dress it without legging. It's too dang hot. I'll break into a sweat just thinking about putting leggings on.

  Now. Let's get random.
These photos have been sitting in my "blogging to-do folder" for a few weeks.
A couple of weeks ago River got to see his Grandaddy for the first time since he was born! See, my little sister is autistic and has developed a severe phobia of babies over the past year so my dad has only seen River through cell phone photos because we can't bring him around. Also my father is on a lot of different medications that sometimes make him very drowsy so he has trouble travelling long distances (we live almost two hours apart). But he made it!
Scrambled eggs with spinach and kale, leftover salmon and a squishy-ass Walmart avocado.
The paleo-ing is going very well. Kicking off carbs, sugar and processed foods has been surprisingly easy for me... but I am having trouble letting go of one thing... my beloved imported beers. I hear tale that it's ok to  go for gluten free beer when you're going paleo... but- but... IT'S NOT THE SAME!!!
Random, random, random.
Here's a photo of my great-grandmother (Dad's grandmother). Wasn't she pretty?!? I think I have her eyes.
Spinning the random wheel! It lands on.... River's baptism.
Since River had long since outgrew his original baptism outfit  I was in a slight panic over what he was going to wear. I found this adorable classic style romper at a consignment shop for $8 and I was sold! It's so adorable! Yeah, yeah, yeah I know it isn't the typical infant baptism outfit with the satin and ribbons and bonnet and lacey boo boo blah- but I just couldn't see myself spending $100 on something he's only going to wear for five minutes...
 And last but not least: our pathetic attempts at taking a decent family portrait afterwards.
I hope you all are having a great weekend. Now I'm off to finish my nightcap... um...paleo gin...


  1. Looking smoking in both your baptism dress and that printed frock! Loving the photos of your handsome daddy and River and your Great-Grandmother was the image of you, a beauty! x

  2. Ditto what Vix said. Except I can't stand to go bare legged in the heat. My big fat thighs get all sweaty and rashy. I love the cotton leggings from Target

  3. I love the photo of River and his grandad and your great grandmother is beautiful!

  4. You do have your great-grandma eyes, baby and grandpa look so cute together and River's baptism outfit is adorable.
    Your food looks delicious, nice to see that you are part of the kale love fest going on!

  5. So happy River got to see his Grandaddy!!! Love the sheer dress over the printed tank and NO WAY for leggings! Just too dang hot.
    Very nice getting out for sush :)

  6. Both your outfit and that sushi are looking GOOD!

  7. Your Great Grandma is lovely! Love all the left over photos, River and his Grandad have the same expression! The romper is cute, I want one in my size. Love the double dressing!! Great idea


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