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Monday, July 22, 2013

rock, paper, scissors, alligator, spider, dynamite

 Saturday me and my boys went to Shreveport for a little outing. It was great but it all got started off sitting in the parking lot of Academy Sports for almost and hour. My husband needed to meet up with a guy to buy a gun from him for his friend but the two men's attempt at arranging the meeting was pretty poor. That's what happens when you try arrange something like this all through Facebook instead of using the old fashioned method of exchanging phone numbers. So we waited and waited and waited...
To pass the time we played "rock, paper, scissor, alligator, spider, dynamite (featuring Abe Lincoln)" and sang along to the Producers soundtrack. While waiting I saw a hot air balloon for the first time in my life floating across the sky all majestic and... floaty...  I was super excited.
Oh yeah, I also gave myself a weird Sharpie tattoo during the wait.
After the gun swap we moved on to the Shreveport Boardwalk for a little bit of food and shopping.We went into the massive Bass Pro Shop in search of a steakhouse restaurant that we later found has been converted into a Sonic fast food restaurant for some strange reason.
One side of the elevator in the store is glass so you're greeted by this little fellow when you go up and giant ugly lake fish when you go down.
By now we're starving and there was an hour wait at Joe's Crab Shack... as well as darn near every restaurant there.
We decided to go Italian since there wasn't a seating wait. The restaurant turned out to be buffet style with some of the most mediocre pizza and pasta I've ever had. No wonder no one was in there. I say mediocre... let's face it- the food sucked.
After choking down crappy fettuccine alfredo and mushy shrimp we headed to the Oshkosh store to find River some new clothes. By the way, he just turned six months and weighs about 20 lbs so his clothing selection is pretty slim at home. He can wear up to 18 month clothes now. When we go out in public people always ask his age and when we tell them they look at us like, "Really? You sure?" 
Yes. He's big. No fat. Just big.
The Oshkosh store was having a killer sale and it also has a way better selection of baby clothes than any of the stores here. No stupid puppies playing baseball or frogs on skateboards! Just good cute clothes. I got him four new pieces for $11.
 We then went to the Earthbound Trading Company and I scored this incense burner, incense matches, an elephant ring holder and two letter "Zs" for about $8.
I have no idea what I'm going to do with the Zs.... I just couldn't pass them up for less than a dollar each.
On the way out we saw two teenage girls freaking out and saying, "what was that?! It scared me! Some kind of beetle thing!" I looked down and stopped my husband just as he was about to squish this demonic looking massive roach thing with the wheels of the stroller.  Even with my husband's hand in the shot for size comparison, you can't really tell how enormous that thing was. I'm not afraid of bugs at all, in fact I kind of like them but that thing was a little too big and too ugly for my taste.
Have you seen this kind of bug? What on earth is it?!?!
So how was your weekend??


  1. Argh, there's nothing worse than having to settle for mediocre food. I have to do it almost everyday at the cafeteria at work lol.
    That bug is ginormous. I'd probably be squealing in horror if I came across it!

  2. Gun swaps? That sounds well dodgy! xxx

  3. LOL! Rest assured it was a totally legal transaction even though it felt weird... like I should have been wearing a trecnhcoat and sunglasses kinda weird.

  4. I think River is adorable, definitely not fat. :) Alan was six months old and in 18 month clothes too. He now is a healthy little three year old. :) I think he is perfect! :)

  5. And I showed my husband the beetle photo and he says it looks like a water beetle, with the way its legs and swimmer arms look. :) He is a country boy too lol, and has experience with those icky things lol.

  6. Babies are never fat, they are just rollie-licious!
    I like the Sharpie tattoo but not the strange looking bug. I'm not afraid of them is just that I to keep my distance from some of them!

  7. When you said you had bought incense matches I thought 'wow, they have special matches to light incense where Hollie lives'. Then I looked more closely at the picture and see that they are the incense! Neat. Guns are illegal here and were all terrified of them, so your gun buying experience was just as scary as was that huge insect.

    River is the cutest. Great new clothes you found for him.

  8. Well, you sure did have a Southern weekend! Guns, bugs and bad food. LOL!

    Good score on the baby clothes and the stuff for yourself.

  9. I was sat on the sofa one day in our old flat and almost had heart failure when I saw a hot air balloon appear, floating just above our roof! I had never been so close!
    I love those little dungarees, babies are so cute in them.

  10. OshKosh is such a good brand - River looks so cute. That bug is impressive, it looks a beetle to me.


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