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Thursday, December 20, 2012

a little bit of the evening in black in white

Yup. That's me and that's my fat juicy hand. I'm 36 weeks pregnant now and I'm swelling up like a balloon. My legs are swelling and my blood pressure is starting to go up a little so the midwives are watching me pretty closely for preeclampsia. The great part about this is I get to collect my urine in a bright orange jug for 24 hours to be analysed.  I'll probably start on this tomorrow- I haven't been much in the mood to pee in a jug today.
 These two elephants are on my list of my most prized possessions so of course they get the special Christmas garland treatment.
  Every evening we let Binky the Bunny out of his cage for a little exercise around the living room. Lately he's been wanting to hang out under the coffee table. The problem with that is, it's hard to get him out from under there when it's time to put him up. So when we go after him to put him back in his cage he gets very angry with us for disturbing his peace. It's best to just keep him from going under there in the first place.

 Aaaand here's a little bit of our Christmas decor. I've never decorated our home for Christmas before. The decor is sparse and simple but the less I put up the less I'll have to take down, right?

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