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Saturday, December 15, 2012

I'm a cheap date

Last night at about 7pm I started to go absolutely stir crazy. I realized that the only time I leave the house is to go grocery shopping- I was ready to get out do something... anything. So I asked the husband if he would like to to Books-A-Million and he said sure. I was stoked.
On the way there I asked out of the blue, "Would you like to go to the mall?"
"Not particularly," he replied. I knew I could expect this kind of answer from him. Heck... let's face it- we both hate going to the mall. In fact I don't think we've ever been to the mall together. But I figured since it's Christmastime, there must be something there worth seeing or doing...
Since we got out so late we only made it to Romancing the stone- which is my favorite store anyway and I knew my husband would appreciate it's exotic wares.
I wish this "foot stool" was more in my price range- I would have bought it right then and there. 
I'm not much for jewelry boxes, but this one really took my breath away.
We managed to escape the mall without buying a thing- but I made sure to make a big deal over the things that tickled my fancy so that, er, maybe someone would go back and get me a treasure or two?
After the mall we went to Book-A-Million.
My back and hips were killing me so we relaxed in Joe Muggs coffee shop for a spell.
I've been craving iced Chai tea for a couple of days so that's what I reuested. My husband was a little reluctant to let me have one- "Can you drink that?" he asked.
"I dunno."
"You wanna try to look it up in one of the pregnancy books here first?"
"Just gimme an iced Chai tea!" I squealed at him through clenched teeth.
"Ok! Ok!" he laughed and hauled butt to the counter.
ONE iced Chai. ONE delicious ice cold Chai tea. That's all I ask!
Satisfaction guaranteed.
Aaaah yeah. Public bathroom portrait.
Afterwards we went to Red Lobster for some clam chowder and cheddar biscuits.
 ... and a few crab legs. I haven't had real crab in ages and they were SO DANG GOOD.
Our bill was only $20!
We had a blasty blast on our cheap little date. Me and my husband always have fun when we go out, no matter what we do because we both love to be entertained in the same ways. I really hope we can squeeze in a couple more dates like this before I get too big pregnant and miserable though. 
With less than five more weeks to go, I'm getting there fast!

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