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Saturday, December 8, 2012

all kinds of random

Since I got pregnant I went from drinking about six cups of coffee a day to one- kinda. Now my "morning" coffee (consumed when I wake up at 2pm) is a small mug of watered down coffee and two teaspoons of sugar. I rarely finish it. I just need to go through the motions so I can fool myself into gaining some energy at the beginning of the day.

This mug was handcrafted by one of the merchants (Thou Art Pottery) at my Faire. Seriously, click on the link to get to their Etsy store. Their stuff is amaaaaazing.

After stopping myself from putting the hot chocolate powder in the fridge, I noticed that I had already dropped something off that didn't belong... yeah. Foil.

Oh, Cap'n. I think this is by far my favorite flea market find ever. I saw this handsome fellow looking back at me on a dusty shelf at an outdoor flea market and I knew I had to bring him home with me.

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