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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

late Christmas night

 After spending most of Christmas day at the in-law's, me and Caleb checked out a little early because I was absolutely exhausted. When we got home I got a sudden burst of energy and a powerful craving for fresh waffles. We headed out to go to Waffle House but I predicted it would be pretty busy, so we went to Ihop instead. Dang good choice.
What really made the evening exciting was that this was the first time it's snowed in the area on Christmas day since like... well ever.
I ordered a super cheap special with crepes instead of waffles and when I got my food in I realized  "Um at 37 weeks pregnant, I'm going to need more crepes. I'm a hungry, hungry hippo." So I ordered an extra plate of crepes. No shame. No shame at all. 
... and I ate it all.
I was miserably full afterwards, but those darn crepes were the best.
I'll post more about Christmas day maybe tomorrow.
Right now, I gotta go fetch a lasagna outta the oven.
Happy Holidays!

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