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Monday, December 31, 2012

2012: the craziest year of my life... so far

I'm going to try to keep things brief. There's a lot to mention!

After a year of quiet planning it was time to for me to officially start pimping Texarkana's first Renaissance faire.
Me and the Texarkana Renaissance Faire Club threw our most unsuccessful event ever.
I'm not sure why it turned out to be such a disaster.
I started my own YouTube show called the Modern Filth Show.
With the faire and moving and being pregnant, I just didn't have time to continue.
I am on hiatus right now and I hope to return after the little one is born.
I quit my full time job with much pleasure and I got to do my first play since high school! I was Anas, an evil high priest(ess) in Jesus Christ Superstar...
I also played a Soul Sistah Singer.
Shortly after the play, we moved from our loverly little one bedroom apartment into a trailer park on the other end of town. My husband is the manager of the park which means we get to live in the park rent and bill free.
That offer came just in time.
A little bored in the extreme heat of the summer days, I started a blog based off the absurdness of my YouTube show.
...and then I changed it...
...and changed it...
And finally settled.
Time passed on.
August- September
It was time to start promoting the faire big time and time to start tying up loose ends.
That's me up. This photo was taken by the local newspaper photographer at a comic convention. Below are my trusty sidekicks Emily and Brian. They're the best.
Show time!
The faire was a success and I received nothing but good feedback. 
That whole time, no one knew what I was hiding under that gown. Hee hee!
I went to a pumpkin patch for the first time in my life...
... and threw my first Halloween party.
With the faire being over, I started to get a little restless so I started making jewelry and reopened (and renamed) my Etsy store.
We revealed the plans for the newest faire promotion event.
It's gonna be great!
We survived the end of the world... again... and celebrated with a Doomsday/Caleb's Birthday/Christmas party.
The only way this year can get any crazier is if I go into labor today...
Take that as a hint little one.


  1. oh wow! way to score free rent. nothing beats that..ever!
    i really wish we lived in east texas! my husband and i love anything renaissance related (especially him...our first date was renaissance themed before he even asked me if that was something i was into, haha - but of course i loved it, as i was home scholed for 12 years). and i laughed aloud when i saw all of your blog/vlog name changes! that's totally me. i am proud of myself, because "Quite the Blog" has been that for six months. that's like ten years for me!

    well, it looks like you had a great year! happy new year!

    1. the worse thing about changing my blog up like that is that it messed up my RSS feed horribly because I changed the URL every time I changed the name. I feel so silly now! I signed up for a site that will fix it for you and now my feed is: The title of the blog post accompanied by and ad. Those jerks!


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