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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Doomsday/Christmas/Birthday Celebration

Here are a few photos from our Doomsday/Christmas/Birthday party last night. 
 Attendance was pretty low- but it turns out a lot of people had to back out because of viruses and all kinds of grossness going around.
I was so proud of myself for coordinating my husbands Birthday/Christmas attire in less than five minutes last night.
Shirt: Target
Vest: Thrifted
Singing Tie (early Christmas present): The Dollar Tree
This is where presents go. Right under the imaginary Christmas tree.
Good guy Josh. I was in a band with Josh a few years back and he's been a pretty great friend every since.
I was pretty stoked last night that the swelling in my legs had gone down enough for me to wear my festive stripey penguin socks!
So have you ever blown up a bunch of balloons for a party and then think "Dang. Now how am I going to get rid of all these balloons?"
I joked about using my husband's .22 to shoot the balloons in the house to get rid of them and that somehow inspired him to try something a bit "Caleb-ish". He dug up an old beat-up BB gun and attempted to shoot the balloons. I was a little worried about him doing this in the house until I saw that the BB gun was so crappy, the BBs were just bouncing off the balloons.
I spent hours making paper chain out of plain white printer paper the night before the party. I was just going to make a little to hang up in the kitchen just for fun, but I loved the way it looked so much that I decided to make more... lot's more. 
I'm going to keep it up until after the Holidays- It's sooo cute and festive!
Once again we had waaaay too much food for the party. I didn't buy much food for the party this time, but a couple of guests brought some. We were stuffing our faces all night long with tacos, cookies and chicken strips... er, well- at least I was.

I served my own special recipe for "Mayan Doomsday Hot Chocolate" and everyone loved it! 
It's hot chocolate mix, chili powder, cinnamon and a little nutmeg. I can't give you the exact recipe because I just spice the hot chocolate mix until I like the way it tastes. 
If you want to try your hand at making it, be sure to add in your spices just a little bit at a time- these are very powerful spices you'll be working with and it's very easy to over-spice if you're not careful.

The aftermath
So this is what the kitchen looks like now after my pathetic attempt to clean up last night.

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