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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas Q&A #3 and 34 weeks bumpdate

3. Real tree or fake tree?

Oh, dear. Fake. Growing up we did a real tree once. Once. The needles from the tree got stuck in the carpet and were aaaaall over the place for years. No amount of vacuuming would help. If you walked over into the area where the tree once stood without shoes, it was guaranteed you were going to get something stuck in your foot. I'd much rather assemble a stinky old synthetic tree from a box and than to be afraid to tread near something that's supposed to be so jolly and harmless.
Right now, we don't even have a tree up. Honestly, I'm not even interested in getting one. Maybe we'll get one after the baby is born and old enough to appreciate it. Until then, we're just going to artfully stack our gifts into a corner and maybe dump some stringed lights on them for extra pizzazz.

34 Weeks!
At the midwife's office for a checkup

breakfast cereal with super cold milk, strawberry yogurt

Physical Symptoms
I get up to teetee about five times a night now
I still sleep 12 hours a day
I've gained a super 35 pounds!
My pelvis and groin area feel like I'm recovering from a "who can do the splits the longest" contest
I have been waking up with some teeerrible gas, stomach bubbling and nausea almost every night now. Methinks I might be lactose intolerant. NO GOOD! This better be a temporary pregnancy thing because I love my Cinnamon Toast Crunch.... with milk....milk from a COW.

My patience runs low fairly quickly now and things like people forgetting their manners and basic rules of courtesy REALLY irritates me. The other day at Walmart I almost thumped a lady in the back of her head for reaching in front of me to get hamburger meat without excusing herself first. Here's the thing though: not only did she reach in front of me, she flippin' decided to walk IN FRONT of me and just stood there looking at the meat like I didn't even exist!
I wonder if I would have gotten in trouble if I bopped her head for that...

Baby Movement
The baby is getting bigger, stronger and running out of room. Now I'm getting little fists and feet stretching and reeeeaching all over the place.

What the Midwife Says
The baby is head down in the posterior position (sunny-side up) like in the first photo. He should be the other was around like in the second photo.
During labor, a baby in posterior position usually gets turned around into the right position but this can cause longer and more painful labor. If the baby never turns, vaginal birth is still completely possible but might result in severe perineal tearing and a greater risk of a postpartum hemorrhage.

"...a baby's position at the onset of labor does not predict his position at birth. Many babies who are posterior at some point in labor rotate on their own to the face-down position before birth." {source}

The midwife showed me some exercises that will help get the baby into the correct position before labor just in case. I'm going to try them out tonight! I like to move it, move it...

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  1. Popping in from Top Baby Blogs...I totally remember wanting to rip people in half Hulk style when I was pregnant--I had NO patience for anything!! Love that tree pic! Hilarious!


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