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Monday, October 1, 2012

delicious & affordable handbags and totes from Chiang Mai Thailand

Shopthialand is now one of my favorite Etsy shops.  Easily in the top five. These four photos here are just a wee example of what this shop has in stock. The sellers call their bags "Ecobags", because they are either vintage delights waiting for a new home, or made from re-purposed gorgeous Asian textiles and materials. Not only does this shop have bags (clutches and wristlets), but they also have a fair amount of clothing (especially Thai fisherman pants, great for maternity wear) to choose from. Their bags start at $7 and the clothing at a comfortable $17. Oh, when you visit the shop, try not to faint. Yeah, it's that awesome.
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Hmong Ethnic shoulder bag handmade bags and purses,Hmong Ethnic handmade bag vintage fabric handbags and purses-from thailand


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