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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

purple bag and nice warm bath

You remember the Etsy store ShopThialand I featured a few day ago? Well after much debate with myself I finally bought one of their bags. See, we're trying to save money to pay our midwife and we have a couple of new bills staring us in the face every month now- so every penny counts but I reeeally needed a new bag and this one has my name all over it. I mean, look at it! It features two loves of mine, elephants and purple. My last three remaining purses are barley hanging on to dear life. As much as I love fashion and accessories, that kind of stuff comes last in our home. We often just buy what we need, not really what we want. So even the purchase of this bag for $8.99 plus shipping made me feel a little nervous. When you're in our financial boat, there's just not much play room.

I've been reading this book, Labyrinth of Birth by Pam England every evening during bath time and bedtime.  My  midwife let me borrow it as a recommended read, but I'm having a little trouble appreciating this book the way I thought I would. I thought the book was going to focus on how one can compare birth to a journey through a labyrinth. Instead it's about literally about making your own labyrinth to meditate upon during pregnancy, labor and delivery. Eh, that's just not my bag, but I'm going to finish it because it does have some nice bits of wisdom and encouragement throughout.

Bath time has always been my favorite time. I'll admit though, sometimes, I like to skip a bath or two so that I can really feel and appreciate the difference between dirty and fresh. You should try it sometimes!
I especially love experimenting with new bath products. This round, I'm trying the multi-purpose Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap bar. I even washed my hair with it last night with no conditioner afterwards to see how well it works. Being black, quite naturally I have to use a lot of oil and product in my hair and only wash my hair once a week. The soap didn't do well with removing product buildup. I think this soap will work better for daily use, not really for serious hair cleaning. Overall, I do like the product and I'm going to try to the classic liquid form next to experiment with all it's 18 uses.

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