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Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween Party

Here are a few shots from my Halloween party Friday. 

My husband seemed a little antsy to help with the pumpkin carving so I gave him a pumpkin to drill holes in like how I saw on Pinterest. A manly pumpkin project.

The spread from the party. Notice the green deviled eggs? I made those and they were superb  Just add blue food colors to turn your filling green.
I kind of invented the dip with the chocolate chips on top. It's so amazing. Natural chunky peanut butter,  marshmallow fluff, melted margarine and chocolate chips. Serve with pretzels or graham crackers. 
Put it in the microwave for a few seconds and you've got yourself one naughty treat.

This is Gilligan! We rescued/adopted him Friday afternoon. He was a hit at the party.

Me and the husband dressed as Axl Rose and Slash. I'm trying my best to do the sexy Slash smirk but I just look ridiculous.

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