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Friday, October 26, 2012

super easy veggie flat bread pizza

So I made a couple of these flat bread pizzas for lunch for me and the husband the other day. As I've mentioned before, I don't follow recipes, I just do what looks (and smells) the best. 
Here's what I used:
Wheat flat bread
basil pesto
generic Italian blend cheese
fresh tomato
raw mushrooms
baby spinach
In order, I spread the pesto on the flat bread then sprinkled on a thin layer of cheese- I added the veggies (the more the better!) then topped with more cheese.
I baked the pizza on 350 for no more than ten minutes. I actually kind of forgot about in the oven but managed to catch it before it started to get too crispy. In my opinion, giving it a couple of extra minutes did no harm. I was pleased with the level of crisp! 
If I ever make this again (I'm sure I will) I will put the tomatoes on top so they'll be exposed to more heat and cook a little better to enhance their flavor.

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  1. Oh wow, this looks absolutely delicious - you made me very, very hungry! :)


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