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Saturday, October 27, 2012

STOP! bunny time!

One of my husband's tenants moved out and left behind some of her belongings- including a bunny. Her roommates didn't want the him so we took him in. It looks like he's never been brushed and his nails were super nasty long. Luckily at our Halloween party last night a couple knew how to trim bunny nails so they took care of him. When he warms up to us a little more, he's going to get a good brushing and a bath to wash off his extra loose hair. He's shedding something awful!
So his previous owner thought it was a girl and simply called it Bunny, but lo and behold... Bunny's got big bunny balls!
We're struggling with coming up with a cool name for this precious fellow...
So what should we name him?? Submit suggestions below!

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