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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

my 5 favorite baby halloween costumes of all time

Halloween is by far my favorite holiday. I love the feel, the theme, the smell the taste and the costumes. When I got married I was so stoked that there was another person to dress for Halloween  Now I even more excited that we have a baby on the way- that's THREE costumes I get to invent!!
Baby Frida halloween costume!
Baby Frida Kahlo is amazing but they forgot the feminine peach fuzz mustache.

Gosh - perfect costume one day for my danger monkey, E. Sean would love it since EK was a childhood hero.
Little Evel Knievel. That costume is no joke! It's exquisite!
Nacho Libre. I'm not sure what's cuter- the costume or his face.
Pubert Addams
Pubert Addams. Nuff said.
Dalai Lama. The tiny glasses are a prize winner.


  1. That Baby Frida Kahlo sure looks very cute and adorable! The accessories definitely add to the overall appeal of this costume!

  2. Awww that Baby Dalai Lama is sooo cute! I love his costume... I am so excited for halloween to come. In fact, in this time, I'm looking for Halloween costumes already for my babies... Thanks for sharing ideas.


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