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Saturday, October 20, 2012

the autumn dilemma

It's Saturday. And you know what that means? It's house cleaning day. I haven't cleaned the house in a couple of days and around here that's WAY too long.
I don't know who's been making a bigger mess in the house: me with my new found jewelry-making hobby or my husband... who just doesn't clean up after himself. I'm looking at a sea of bits of silver wire, sea glass, dirty dishes, random bits of clothing and shoes... all on our tiny living room floor.
Today's dilemma: should I start getting dressed and make myself look cute for my FIRST EVER trip to a pumpkin patch, then clean the house when I get home (if I feel like it)... ooooooorr..... clean the house first and then go to the pumpkin patch if I have time left over...
I like the first option.
It's autumn. It's beautiful outside. I want to celebrate. TO THE PUMPKIN PATCH!

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