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Saturday, October 13, 2012

a few Renaissance faire photos

Here are some photos from my Renaissance Faire. These were taken by one of my vendors (Isabella's Booty). His booth was super awesome! It was a tiny ship that you can sell out of and sleep in! One day, when my brain calms down I will actually give details of what it's like to own and operate a Renaissance faire. Until then... enjoy:

This is the booth for Isabella's Booty. How cute is this?!?!?

The gypsy camp turned out more vibrant and colorful than I expected! See the decor in the trees? I made all that, then they gypsies came and added more goodies. It looked awesome!

Umm.... just ignore the RV over there. That was a last minute food vendor and the only way they could pass food serving regulations was to work out of this trailer. I'm so glad they were able to come but I PRAY they won't have to bring the trailer next year!
The woodworking vendor to the right is Arnarque Wood.

We've got to have this faire on some open land so that there aren't cars in the background of every photograph.

Two wonderful people from the poetic pirate group Seadog Slam. They also run the booth Blackbead's Treasure Chest.

The musical couple here (Green Man Clan) are a little new to Renaissance entertainment but they did great! The guy in the black leather is a good friend of mine Ken AKA Alasdair Drake. He was head of the gypsies. Hes an SCA guy and he'll do anything that involves music and/or dressing up.

Aaaand here's a group  of people watching a show.... and a trash can...
Man, I hate I didn't move that out of the way. It kind of takes away from such a wonderful photo.


  1. Dear Hollie,

    Ahoy! Thank you again, sincerely, for having us at your Faire! We had a blast and are excited about coming back to Texarkana in 2013! Big hugs from the Seadogs and we wish you faire winds and a full treasure chest, ALWAYS!!

    Blackbead and Captain Jasper

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