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Thursday, October 18, 2012

27 weeks


Physical Symptoms
I struggling with keeping my iron up. I'm pretty in tune with my body so I know when things aren't ticking right..

I had some pretty severe mood swings earlier in the week- I kept crying over washing the dishes for some strange reason... 
But I'm feeling much better now... and the dishes have been washed.

Autumn is here but I can't get too excited about busting out my favorite cooler weather clothes. Early autumn in Texas is veeeeery unpredictable- up to ninety degrees during the day and as low as forty-five a night.

Baby Movement
The baby usually camps out and plays around on the left bottom side of my stomach but now that he's bigger he's becoming more adventurous. He's coming very close to rib area.

What the Midwife Says
At the last visit: Baby's heartbeat is good and my belly measurements and blood pressure are spot on. We will be doing one of those glucose test thingies at the next visit in two weeks.

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