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Monday, October 8, 2012

Renaissance Faire Buys

Being the owner and director of the Texarkana Renaissance Faire didn't work much to my advantage when it came to shopping. I didn't get a single discount on merch! HAHAHA! I didn't mind one bit! Who could blame the vendors for not giving out free merch and discounts? The weather was so terrible, it cut our potential patron attendance in half. These folks gotta make a buck too! 
We'll here's what I did get to buy thought:
I bought this lovely pocket watch from Briar Patch Garb for my husband as a thank you gift.

I'm not a pirate fan and I've seen this onesie a million times, but the price on this was too amazing to pass up... and it is cute. Bought from Blackbead's Treasure Chest.
These amazing wire-wrapped stone necklaces were only $5 each. I wish I had more cash on me so I could have bought more. Ironcat Designs was by far one of my favorite booths there. The vendor had a giant selection of amazing jewelry... all handmade by himself!

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