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Monday, October 22, 2012

easy & delicious couscous... stuff

So I was totally craving couscous the other day... 
the things is, I've only had it twice. The first (and only) time I made it, it smelled and tasted kind of old and cardbaordy. But something in me made me want more of the stuff. So I bought some  couscous from a different store in hopes that it would taste little more fresh than last time and bought some shrimp, green onion, black olives and mushrooms to add in. I wasn't following a recipe, I just bought what sounded good.
If you want to make this delicious dish here's how I did it:
Start heating up your water for the couscous first. By the time it's reached boiling, you should be done cooking the shrimp and other goodies.

I cooked the shrimp in grape seed oil with a teaspoon of margarine for taste and seasoned it with sea salt and Mrs. Dash Mediterranean seasoning blend.
Then I added the olives, mushrooms, and green olives into the pan with the shrimp and continued cooking on a lower heat, seasoned those with a little sea salt as well. Be careful not to cook your veggies to long or they'll start to lose their natural flavors.

When the couscous was done I simply blended all the ingredients together.
I feel that there was WAY too much couscous in the dish and not enough of everything else, so next time I make it I'm going to just use half a box.
I served it with warm wheat flat bread just to give my husband some more substance for dinner. He might be a skinny guy, but MAN he requires a lot of food.

There's still some in the fridge right now. This makes a LOT of food (if you use the whole box of couscous). This dish would be great for a party or potluck because there will be plenty!

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  1. mmm! looks yummy! i would take out the shrimp and maybe use chicken, but that is only b/c i do not eat shrimp! :(


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